Unemployment revived the radio star

Well, Ted Williams’ quest to radio stardom ended rather quickly, but mine may be just beginning.

OK, not really…but I have agreed to help with the radio broadcasts of Galveston County sports for CMC Communications.

I’ve known Charles McCullough for five years now, and we were always at the same high school sporting events. When he found out I was laid off, he offered me a spot on his broadcast team until I can find a full time job. Sounds good to me.

So starting next week, you’ll be able to hear me providing some color commentary for Charles during high school basketball game. Some of the broadcasts will be on the web (H5AB.com), so I’ll let everyone know ahead of time.

I’m thinking of taking the Ron Santo approach to Galveston County sports broadcasting.

Hmmm…maybe not. Should be a good time, though.

Some random thoughts

• Got my first rejection letter on Wednesday. No worries — it was a job as a copy writer for some energy company. Probably would have bored me to tears.

• Evan’s last day is Monday. The GCDN still hasn’t hired anyone to replace him. I predict this won’t end well for the sports section.

• I’ve been enjoying the Facebook statues of all my friends in Alabama as they dealt with Snowmaggedon. I still find it humorous how quickly snow can shut down southern states.

• Speaking of funny, Dinner for Schmucks was worth quite a few laughs. Thanks to Jenny and Laura for inviting me over to watch the movie.

• Watched the premier of “The Fighter” on FX Tuesday night. They had been promoting the hell out of that show in recent weeks. Normally shows that are hyped like that bomb, but I found this one quite entertaining.

It has a Rocky quality to it with an aging heavyweight fighter struggling with life out of the ring. I would recommend anyone that likes boxing check it out. I’ve certainly added it to my DVR list.

• I haven’t been able to get into college basketball at all thus far. Not sure why. Maybe that will change as March Madness approaches.

• Three days until Chicago’s first playoff game in four years. I’m excited, but nervous.

Bear Down and Keep the Faith!


About Joshua Buckley

I used to be a Sports Editor. Now I'm the Media Relations Manager at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.


One thought on “Unemployment revived the radio star

  1. Like I said, you’ve got a face for radio!
    Seriously, though, that should at least be pretty fun.

    Posted by southernmaninindy | January 13, 2011, 8:43 am

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