Bring on the Pack!

So this blog is a little late getting posted today. Didn’t have the energy to write it last night as I spent all day recovering from my worst hangover since Andy’s wedding in 2006.

Evan and I can’t remember exactly how many shots we had on top of our beers, but we both agree it wasn’t a good idea either way.

Now it’s time for me to brag. I went 4-0 this weekend, baby! 4-0!

Honestly, I would have been happy going 1-3, if the one was Chicago beating Seattle. Clearly I should have been in Vegas this weekend, though, to cash in on my prognostication skills.

I can’t even begin to say how exciting it is to have Chicago back in the NFC Championship game. Now they are a win away from the Super Bowl with only Green Bay standing in the way. This excites me and terrifies me at the same time.
Green Bay is scary good. That’s one reason I was glad Lovie Smith tried to win the regular season finale to knock the Packers out of the playoffs. He knew they didn’t really want to see the Pack again.

That doesn’t mean I think Green Bay is going to win. The Bears looked great against Seattle, and if they play like that this Sunday, they will be headed to Dallas.

In his first press conference as Bears coach, Lovie said the team’s top priority was to beat the Green Bay Packers. Now they can get to the Super Bowl by accomplishing that goal again. It’s going to be fun.

Here are some thoughts from the Divisional playoff round:

• Was there any doubt Chicago was going to win the game after this to start off?

• Glad to see Greg Olson is indeed alive and well. Let’s hope Mike Martz includes him in the game plan against this week.

• When Martz called that halfback pass in the fourth quarter, Lovie should have just gone ahead and taken his keys away. That was a play you call in NCAA when you are really trying to embarrass you friend on the couch next to you.

• That Packers-Falcons game was over on the Pick-6 by Matty Ice to end the half. I knew Atlanta wasn’t going to the Super Bowl, but I was surprised how bad the Packers beat them up.

• I think I’m starting to hate Aaron Rodgers as much as I hated Favre. Didn’t think that was possible.

• The battle of the sports fronts was fantastic this weekend. This one by the NY Post was clearly the winner, though.

• Best. Postgame interview. Ever. Can’t Wait!

• Somewhere, Randy Moss was smiling.

• I told you Joe Flacco was going to blow that game. I even called it on Twitter at halftime. That was an embarrassing performance, even by Flacco standards.

• I was disappointed the announcers didn’t call it the way it was Saturday — Ray Lewis and Troy Polamalu were both horrible in that game. For how much praise those two get, it should be pointed out when they are playing as bad as Flacco.

Hitting the internet waves

I make my radio debut tonight with the highly anticipated match-up between No. 1 La Marque and No. 5 Ball High. The game is actually going to be on the internet at H5AB.com.

Game starts at 7 p.m. Click on the CMC Communications logo. Be prepared to laugh at me.

Bear Down and Keep the Faith!


About Joshua Buckley

I used to be a Sports Editor. Now I'm the Media Relations Manager at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.


3 thoughts on “Bring on the Pack!

  1. You do realize that the Bears were playing the Seahawks, which could possibly have something to do with them looking so good!

    I do not see the Bears beating the Pack, sorry man! Lovie is still a bad coach and Cutler is one pick away from a meltdown! Lovie is the Tommy Tuberville of the NFL… surround yourself with good coaches and hope for the best!

    I am hoping for a Steelers vs. Packers Super Bowl in Dallas. It will be a much more competitive game than the Bears vs. any AFC team!

    PS: You better hope a future employer does not read your blog. Foul language and forgotten nights because of alcohol will not help your cause! Employers do check these things!!!

    Posted by Matt Perdue | January 17, 2011, 10:03 pm
    • I totally agree with the whole Seahawks thing. I think that had a big part to do with the Bears looking good. The Bears can hang with any of the teams left, though. Remember, they did beat the Jets a month ago (though we saw in Jets-Patriots that doesn’t mean much).

      Oh, and I’m a step ahead of you on that last point. The blog has been blocked from search engines, so it can’t be found unless you have the actually address 🙂

      Posted by Joshua Buckley | January 17, 2011, 11:52 pm
  2. Man, no props to me for originally suggesting the Jets win over New England? Just kidding. I think the best thing your Bears have going for them is the weather and field conditions next week. Rodgers did play well in Philly, but this will harder on him and his receivers. I sure wouldn’t want to see him on turf.

    By the way, you think Colin Cowherd has finally learned or what? You think he’d rather have Matty Ice over Aaron Rodgers now?

    Posted by Eric SanInocencio | January 18, 2011, 9:35 am

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