‘I am a gentleman’

Everyone knows that I am a huge Bon Jovi. I always enjoyed their songs, and have been able to relate plenty of the lyrics to my life, especially “Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night.”

There’s another band that I really enjoy that I don’t think everyone has heard about.

The Airborne Toxic Event.

Now I know what some of the Bon Jovi haters (Andy) are saying: “More rock crap from Buckley.” Nope, it’s a very different band from Bon Jovi.

ATE is a pretty new group. Their debut album came out in 2009 and they had a live one with a few new songs come out in the fall of last year.

I had never heard of them until my former co-worker Lionel Green told me about them that spring. He sent me this video of them performing on Letterman. It blew me away.

If you liked that song, then you will love the debut album. There are five songs that are must downloads, in the following order.

1. Sometime Around Midnight

2. Gasoline

3. Innocence

4. Wishing Well

5. Happiness is Overrated

I’ll even go so far as to say if you don’t like those songs, let me know and I will pay you back. That’s how confident I am.

Anyway, the band’s second album comes out in April. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, because second albums can sometimes be a disappointment after a successful debut.

If the new single that was unveiled last week is any indication, though, it should be another awesome album.

Job search

Three more rejection letters this week, including one that said I would have been a perfect fit, but they had already filled the position the week before. Sigh…

The hunt continues, though. I applied for a few new openings this week. I’m also applying to a Communications Writer opening at Rice today.

All of those jobs would be pretty interesting, so let’s see if I get any hits from these people.

Whenever I do get an interview, I’m going to look pretty awesome, thanks to Jenny D. We went suit shopping last Saturday and my color blindness would have rendered me hopeless if I had tried it alone.

We ended up at Men’s Warehouse and I got two Perry Ellis suits for $300 plus costs for alterations. Feel solid about both of these choices, especially since I still have a good assortment of ties from my college days.

That’s some bargain shopping. Thanks Jenny!

Buckley’s back

I worked out a deal with the GCDN to write a few articles each month for sports.

My alumni notebook, where I track down and report all of the happenings with county high school grads playing in college or pro, was one of the most popular things I had in the paper. It took several hours each week to compile, but it was worth it.

Anyway, with the sports editor flying solo, I knew he wouldn’t have the time or the resources and connections to do the notebook any more. So I made him an offer — $50 for the notebook every two weeks. He jumped at it and his bosses approved it.

Now there were four reasons I offered to do it, in this order.

• No. 1: I really enjoyed keeping track of the kids I covered in high school, and still feel like it is important to give updates on their success at the next level.

• No. 2: The SE has promised me he will still get me season credentials for the Astros and Texans.

• No. 3: $50 is $50.

• No. 4: I’m a nice guy. The poor kid is fresh out of college and in a no-win situation. I feel bad for him and thought this might help him a bit while also continuing something that I worked so hard on for years.

Now I asked that my column mug not run with the notebook like it normally does. This is the new dude’s section, and I didn’t want my face plastered on it.

So, of course, this is what happened.

Well, I guess the dude wanted my mug in there. Whatever.

Mad ramblings

• While the east coast has been hammered by snow, it has been beautiful weather out here in Houston. Which of course means the one day that I needed it to be nice this weekend, thunderstorms are expected. Figures.

• Another example of why Twitter is so great — the brewing feud between Antonio Cromartie and Matt Hasselbeck. Personally, if Cromartie had named one of his kids “CBA” then he probably would just forget it.

• For those that think SI’s Peter King is a douche like I do, I present you hours of comedic gold, courtesy of the website Kissing Suzy Kolber. They are all worth going back and reading: Fun with Peter King.

Bear Down and Keep the Faith!

About Joshua Buckley

I used to be a Sports Editor. Now I'm the Media Relations Manager at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.


2 thoughts on “‘I am a gentleman’

  1. I watched the feud on Twitter evolve via Adam Schecter’s Twitter account, as he kept RT’ing their posts. I like Hasselbecks attempt to calm it down. As Jason Whitlock said, it’s crap like this that shows why the players are screwed in these negotiations, and the owners are gonna take them to the cleaners. At the end of the day, the owners can afford a hold out. Players with alimony and child support to pay can’t.

    Posted by southernmaninindy | January 28, 2011, 8:14 am
    • It is very similar to the MLB CBA in 2002. The players completely caved at the deadline, because they knew they were screwed in event of a strike/lockout.

      The NFL owners also know that even if they lock the players out, casual fans are still going to blame it on the players for being greedy. Thus, I totally agree with you that the NFL union is going to take it without lube when all is said and done.

      Posted by Joshua Buckley | January 28, 2011, 12:46 pm

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