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Blame Mass Effect 2

It’s been 10 days since I last blogged. That’s really an unacceptable break.

Now I could say between planning Boogie’s 2nd birthday party, picking up some extra stringer work and spending time with Yeh-Peu-Dah that I had no time to blog. While all of those have taken up plenty of time, I’ve still had the opportunity to blog.

So why the lack of posts? I have to put all the blame on Mass Effect 2.

I mentioned this game in my last blog post. It’s an in-depth SciFi RPG game that provides a unique experience based on decisions you made in the first Mass Effect and this one. </nerdyvoice>

I finally beat the main storyline of the game late last night. All it took was 30 hours over the past two weeks!

Honestly, this is what crack must feel like. Whenever I had some spare time, I fired the 360 up and played. It was ridiculously addicting and without a doubt the best game I have ever played.

There are still a few side missions I could do, but nothing to draw me in like the main story. So hopefully I’ve broken the addiction — until Mass Effect 3 comes out this fall. SMH.

Since I have been silent over the past 10 days, I decided to fill this blog with a lot of mad ramblings. Enjoy.


• We had Boogie’s 2nd birthday at an area bounce house. The price was steep, but actually after the party was over, we felt like we got our money’s worth. I’m not sure who was more tired afterwards, Boogie or me.

• Boogie absolutely loves the basketball goal I got her for her birthday. I didn’t even have to show her what to do — she immediately grabbed the ball and put it through the hoop. Clearly she is a star in the making.

• My dad actually sent Boogie a gift that didn’t involve building something with a million parts. It was a stand-up chalk board, though, which I am sure is just asking for trouble in my apartment. Once again, I think my dad is secretly trying to punish me. Haha.

• I continue to be pleasantly surprised by how well things have been going with Yeh-Peu-Dah. Normally by now, I’ve had some kind of disagreement with someone I have been dating. With Yeh-Peu-Dah, that hasn’t happened at all.

Could it be that I actually found a laid back and understanding girl? Man, I hope so. It sure is relaxing all of the time I am with her, which is something I am not really used to.

• Happy Birthday to my good buddy Scoop! Welcome to the middle-age club. Still seems like yesterday we were young whippersnappers playing three-man football.


• I absolutely love the meltdown of the Miami Heat. I love D-Wade trying to get pity, I love Bosh throwing everyone under the bus, and I especially love Lakers’ coach Phil Jackson saying, “This is the NBA: No Boys Allowed. Big boys don’t cry.”

It’s going to be even sweeter if the Heat lose before even making it to the NBA Finals. Sorry guys, but if you are dicks while forming your super team, everyone is going to love seeing you fail.

• Selection Sunday is this weekend. I fully expect the three teams I like the best — Pittsburgh, Purdue and San Diego State — to end up in the same bracket. Always happens that way.

• Speaking of the NCAA tournament, I’m excited to see Utah State likely heading back to the Big Dance. I’ve picked the Aggies to pull a first round upset each year since they played UConn in the first round of the 2000 tournament in Birmingham.


• The NFL mock drafts thus far are pretty worthless, mostly because if there is in fact a rookie wage scale with the new CBA, then we are going to see a lot of trading at the top of the draft.

• Speaking of the CBA, ESPN Radio had a pretty interesting with super agent Leigh Steinberg. Basically he said there is no way the owners are dumb enough to lose the season. He talks about it on his Twitter, @SteinbergSports.

• Further proof that most of the country is going to side with the players in the NFL labor dispute.

• The Jim Tressel NCAA violation story just proves that all major football programs are dirty. Can we just accept this fact and move on?


• The Cubs are really struggling with errors this spring. This shit wouldn’t be happening if Ryne Sandberg had been named manager.

• The Astros are going to be bad this year. Like ridiculously bad. Worse yet, they have no trade bait. Hope for their sake the minor leaguers develop quickly.


• I demand a Charlie Sheen reality show. Make this happen Mark Cuban.

• Speaking of Sheen, I love how the talk is about him starring in Major League 3. Ah, technically there was already a ML3 — Back to the Minors. It was horrible, though, so I can see why they would like to pretend it never happened.

• I normally don’t like Rick Reilly, but this column was pretty entertaining: Quote Ma-Sheen

• The new Sports Guy sports/entertainment website continues to get me excited.

• For the first time since Season 1, I haven’t watched any American Idol. If I am missing something good this year, let me know.

• Survivor produced an undesired result this week. Can’t really say I am surprised though.


• Why do I feel like I am reading some kind of smut novel with this story?

• Alien fossils found in meteorite? Someone at Marshall Space Flight Center certainly thinks that what he has found. Cuddles, I’m particularly interested in what you think of this, considering you view on dinosaur bones.

That’s it for now. Expect a few more blogs before next Wednesday, when I travel to Sin City to spend five days with my big bro Patty.

I do wish the third member of our crew was coming. I won’t mention any names, but it starts with “A” and ends with “Ndrew Heaton.”

Bear Down and Keep the Faith!


About Joshua Buckley

I used to be a Sports Editor. Now I'm the Media Relations Manager at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.


One thought on “Blame Mass Effect 2

  1. Counterpoints:
    1) So I actually have hardly watched any Idol since the first few seasons. With that said, since we ditched our cable, I’ve watched a good bit of this season’s Idol. It’s been really, suprisingly, good! You would have thought Tyler would be a trainwreck as a judge – you’d have thought wrong!! So I think you should give it a whirl again.
    2) You’re a grown-ass man. Put down the controler for awhile.
    3) That new sports guy website is gonna be amazing.
    4) Wait, what’s Cuddles’ beliefs on dinasaur bones??
    5) Ok, so I can’t afford Vegas right now. However, if Holly takes us to Stanford (which is about an 80% reality at this point), the director there has already promised he’d send my resume over to his friend who’s a lawyer at Apple. Then, my friend from law school who lives in San Fran has a connection in HR at Google, who are doing a ton of hiring in their legal depts. If I land at Apple or Google, I’m pretty sure I can swing the next Vegas (or Cosa Nostra in general) go-round.

    Posted by southernmaninindy | March 10, 2011, 12:57 pm

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