Umm, umm, good

Children play areas are germ cesspools. I’m sure all of you parents out there will agree.

Boogie’s birthday party was at a local bounce house, filled with sweaty kids jumping on inflatables. Two days later, Boogie is literally having a boogie problem, needing decongestant to go to sleep.

Coincidence? I think not.

I wasn’t too surprised when I started to feel a bit under the weather Wednesday night. It’s starts with sneezing, then that weak feeling, followed by a sore throat.

Boogie never got a fever and was still able to run around on Wednesday, so I knew whatever she had wasn’t major. Probably just some kind of cold.

I’m pretty tough when it comes to being sick. I’ve covered games with 102-degree fevers, so I know how to suck it up when I am feeling under the weather. If I’m bed ridden, you know that I am seriously sick.

I woke up Thursday and wasn’t feeling great, but I wasn’t feeling horrible either. I knew I just needed to get some medicine and take a good nap.

Yeh-Peu-Dah and I had plans on Thursday night, so I wanted to be feeling better so I could still see her.

After a three-hour medicine-induced nap, I was feeling better, though not 100 percent. I asked Yeh-Peu-Dah if she still wanted me to come over for dinner, and she said of course. She said she was making me homemade chicken soup to help me feel better.

Now when I heard homemade chicken soup, I was just picturing Campbell’s with some extra vegetables. I was in for a shock when I arrived at her house.

Yeh-Peu-Dah was finishing adding huge pieces of cooked chicken to a humongous pot. In it were several different kinds of vegetables, as well as a few spices to add flavor and clear my congestion.

It turned out to be the best soup I can ever remember having. The flavor was unbelievable. I liked it so much, that I even ate the carrots that were in it. I never eat carrots.

I was even more stunned when she told me she had been working on the soup for nearly two hours. Two hours to make me feel better. Wow.

This is something I’m not really used to.

Prior was absolutely worthless whenever I was feeling really sick. I always took care of her, but if I were in bed with the flu or something, she’d tell me to call my mom to take care of me. She said she wasn’t good at that kind of stuff.

Seriously, I can’t make that stuff up.

Tejada started out much better. When we were dating for about a month, I got really sick with the flu. She drove to my side of town, brought me a Freebirds burrito and did her best to take care of me.

The way Tejada took care of me that night played a big role in thinking that she was a real keeper for me.

Of course, that didn’t last forever.

Tejada always acted like she was going to die whenever she had so much as a headache. Yet when I was in bed sick, I was made to feel guilty for not being up and doing stuff around the house.

The real slap in the face, though, was when I had to get a colonoscopy in the fall of 2008. With my past medical history, it’s recommended that I get one every few years. I had delayed it for about nine years, but I decided the time had come just to make sure everything was OK.

You have to be put under sedation when they perform a colonoscopy. The doctors say you need to have someone drive you home, because the medicine stays in your system for a bit.

I asked Tejada if she was going to be able to drive me to the appointment and then home. She said no.

“I’d feel weird asking off at work, because you aren’t even my husband,” she said.

Ah…I am your fiancé, and it’s not like I’m asking you to drive me home because I hate blood drawn or a hurt finger. I was having a damn colonoscopy.

Instead, Tejada’s mother-in-law had to drive me. She is the world’s worst driver, so I was already scared to death on the car ride to the doctor. Then she spent the whole time talking about how I wouldn’t have had these issues growing up if I had been seen in Houston instead of an Alabama hospital.

I was not pleased about the whole situation.

It would have been completely different if it were my mom that was driving me to the doctor. I wouldn’t have been upset at Tejada then.

However, to have her mom take care of me that day because she refused to take off work was a slap in my face. I never forgot it either.

I’m normally very good at taking care of a sick partner. From then on, though, I wasn’t very sympathetic when Tejada was sick, unless it was something doing with the pregnancy.

I also didn’t go with her to the doctor when she later had her IUD put in. She was pretty pissed and said she would always go with me if I was having some kind of medical procedure. I reminded her of the colonoscopy and she got real quiet.

Was it petty to hold a grudge about that for so long and give her no sympathy as a result? Yes, yes it was. But the whole thing really opened my eyes as to how much she actually cared about my health.

Past experience is why Yeh-Peu-Dah making soup for me on Thursday was such a big deal. I just hope it isn’t a one-time deal.

Based on what I’ve seen from her thus far, I don’t think it is.

Mad ramblings

• Early Final Four picks: Ohio State, Purdue, Pittsburgh and San Diego State.

• Driving to Austin and back on the same day by yourself is a long and boring trip. Thank goodness for XM Radio.

• I always laugh at everyone bitching about bubble teams for the NCAA tournament. Seriously, can most people even name a player on St. Marys or Colorado or Clemson? I thought not.

• I actually got a Facebook friend request from the publisher of the paper that decided to lay me off. Yeah, I won’t be accepting that.

• Baseball season is almost here. The Cubs don’t have a great spring training record, but there are a lot of encouraging signs from the team.

• Vegas bound in a few days. Looking forward to seeing my big bro!

Bear Down and Keep the Faith!


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