I’m Tiger Woods?

I had an itch this week.

No, it wasn’t something I brought back from Vegas. Rather, it was an itch to hit the golf course.

I have no idea what compelled me to play a round of golf, especially since I am quite horrible at it. I’ve played less than 10 rounds in my life, and my swing prompted my golf class instructor in college to say I was hopeless.

Yet I still decided to text Corey on Wednesday to see if he wanted to play on Friday. Corey has been golf with me once before, and wrote this gem for the GCDN: Breaking Buckley-par at Moody Gardens

As I said, I hardly ever golf, and my equipment was an easy sign of that. I had a driver I got as a mail-in rebate for buying two pairs of Dockers, some irons my ex-father-in-law bought at a yard sale about 15 years ago, and a putter from Wal-Mart. It is pretty embarrassing.

So before taking the course on Friday, I decided to use what was left of my Vegas money to purchase some new clubs. I still went the cheap route, buying a set of Rlimars for $120 at Academy. Still, if you looked at my old equipment, you’d think my new set was around $500.

Equipped with my new clubs, I met Corey at the Clear Creek Golf Course on Friday. He always walks the course, so I opted to do the same. Hey, I needed some exercise, and it was a nice day.

You couldn’t tell my new equipment was making me any better. I shot a 10 on the first hole and an 8 on the second hole. In the nine holes we played, I scored a triple bogey or more on seven of them.

The other two were much better, though.

On the par-3 fifth hole, I didn’t mess around and used a driver. I hit it right down the middle and in perfect position to chip onto the green (yes, my power stinks, I still couldn’t drive a par-3 with a driver). I two-putted the hole to finish with a bogey.

The ninth was a long par-4, and I had another great drive (by my standards). My second shot wasn’t so hot and came up just in front of a water hazard. I pulled out the 7-iron and took a hack. I ended up hitting the front of the green.

With the pressure squarely on me to hit just the second par of my limited golf career, I of course cracked and hit it way past the hole. However, on the bogey put, I found the bottom of the cup.

Two bogeys in a five-hole stretch? Holy crap!

Even better, Corey had a quadruple-bogey on the ninth hole. I had never beaten him on a hole before.

Corey had to leave after nine holes, and I elected to leave rather than play with the two strangers in our group. However, I had a great time and left the course with some confidence — for once.

Seeing as I am not doing too much else productive on the days I don’t have Boogie, I may hit the links on a more regular basis. Hey, I have to keep getting better… right?

More Vegas notes

I forgot a few miscellaneous stories from the trip to Vegas.

You can’t sneak in: Patty and I went to the Excalibur on Sunday to go to the lunch buffet. As we were coming in the entrance, a young lady wearing a short black dress was entering the casino.

“Little early to be wearing some clubbing clothes,” I thought.

The two Excalibur greeters at the front certainly didn’t miss her. After telling us, “Welcome to Excalibur,” they saw her trying to make her way in the direction of the hotel.

“Walk of shame,” one of them said.

“Walk of shame,” the other one echoed.

Patty and I, along with the other guys who entered in just before us couldn’t stop laughing. I kind of felt bad for the girl, but at the same time, that was pretty damn funny.

I ❤ technology: Not only was I worrying about point spreads while in Vegas. I was also concentrating on leading our fantasy baseball draft.

Seeing as almost half the league is no longer in the Birmingham area, we elected last year to try an email/text draft. I led the draft and it went over fairly smoothly, as we did 18 rounds in 10 days.

This year, we had the added challenge of Cuddles being in China. That made the time difference quite interesting when it came to picks.

However, that inconvenience didn’t stop me from leading a kick butt draft. Using my Droid to send out mass texts/emails, we went through 18 rounds in seven days. I even set up a Google Doc, which I was able to update as we went on my phone.

If you had told me in college that I would be able to lead a fantasy draft exclusively from my phone, I wouldn’t have believed you. I love technology!

I ❤ technology Part 2: I realized as Patty and I were leaving the go-kart place on Sunday that I hadn’t checked into my flight for Monday morning yet. Since I was flying Southwest, I didn’t want to be stuck with too crummy of a seat.

How did I solve this dilemma? Quite easy.

While we were walking back to the Strip, I downloaded the SWA app onto my phone, got my confirmation code from Evernote and then checked into my flight from the app.

Again, who would have thought just a few years ago that something like that would be possible? I seriously don’t know what my life was like before my Droid.

Mad ramblings

• For the second straight year, I didn’t correctly pick any of the Final Four teams. I am ashamed.

• Instead of watching most of the Arizona-UConn game Saturday, I instead watched the soccer friendly between the US and Argentina. It ended up being an entertaining game, finishing in a 1-1 draw.

The US unveiled its new red jerseys. Patty has already said he is ordering me one.

Eighteen-year-old Juan Agudelo scored the only goal for the US. He looked like an entertaining and creative forward. Hopefully he is the striker the US team has desperately needed for international competition.

• Derrick Rose keeps getting better and better for the Bulls. He had a monster fourth quarter to rally them past Milwaukee on Saturday. Then, he delivered this memorable quote after the game.

“I didn’t do shit yet,” Rose said. “We’re a team that gets in the first round (of the playoffs) and loses. We’re trying to get past that.”

Love this guy!

• Had another outbreak of fleas in my apartment waiting for me when I returned from Vegas. I’m really getting sick of these bastards eating my ankles and trying to take over my apartment.

I bombed the apartment, put flea killer on the carpet, vacuumed everything and bought a flea collar for the cat. Yet I am still finding some of these bastards on my feet.

I will not lose this battle. You tell them I’m coming fleas, and hell’s coming with me!

• Finally, thanks to Stalk for the link to this awesome video. NSFW

Bear Down and Keep the Faith!


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  1. They’re like, “Thanks, stupid, thanks for the mouse!”

    Posted by Andrew | March 27, 2011, 9:13 pm


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