Me, a fair weather fan?

For the first time in my life, I was called something I never thought I would — a fair weather fan.

As I’ve mentioned before, Yeh-Peu-Dah’s roommate Jenny is a sports writer for the Houston Chronicle. She pitched at Oklahoma, so she is obviously a big Sooners fan. She is also a diehard San Antonio Spurs fan.

On Wednesday night, when her, Corey, Yeh-Peu-Dah and I were leaving a Guster concert, I asked what we were going to do if it was a Spurs-Bulls match-up in the NBA Finals. Corey is also a big Spurs fan.

Jenny said her dad could easily get tickets. However, seeing as I would be rooting for the Bulls, I would not be invited. Boo!

On Thursday night, the Bulls beat down the Celtics to essentially wrap up the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference. I had several tweets about that game and the likely MVP Derrick Rose.

On Friday, Jenny called me out via text.

“We’ve known each other what? 4ish years now?” she wrote. “And you’ve gone on and on about the Bears and Cubs and Alabama in that time. I’ve always felt like I knew who your teams were.

“Then Wednesday night, you throw out the Bulls and you are tweeting about them…. fishy! :-)”

I had to defend myself a bit.

“Haha. Well I have proof at my house that I have been a Bulls fan since the late 80s. However not much for Bulls fans to cheer about since 98. Crappy players and worse coaches.”

Jenny wasn’t buying it.

“I believe they are your favorite team. I might have to call fair-weather on you though… in the 90s before the Spurs were good. I was still pretty hardcore.

“Just sayin…”


Now I know there are plenty of people that know I am a Bulls fan. Cuddles and I have talked about the Bulls ever since we meet in 2000. We were both fans.

Steph and Scoop can also vouch, considering I had my 1998 Bulls championship poster on my dorm room wall.

Heck, poor Scoop had to listen to my limited edition Michael Jordan phone blaring for nearly three years when I lived next door. Everyone on my hall knew about that phone. Some would even swing by my room just to see it.

For those that haven’t seen it, this is what the phone did instead of ringing.

(Editor’s Note: I unpacked my phone on Saturday night, only to find out it is broken. The sound and the inside still works fine, but the ball no longer opens up. Everyone that enjoyed that phone in college, please join me in a moment of silence.)

So was it uncalled for to have Jenny call me a fair-weather fan? Well, yes and no.

I have remained loyal to the Bulls all these years, even when they were doing stupid stuff like trading Elton Brand for Tyson Chandler, blowing draft picks on losers and hiring dumb coaches (I’m looking at you Vinny Del Negro!).

The truth is, I had grown bored with the NBA. Sure I liked to watch a game here or there in the playoffs. But once the Shaq-Kobe dynasty was broken up, I stopped watching the NBA with regularity.

So, unlike my support for the Bears, Cubs and Crimson Tide, I have been a little less vocal about the Bulls. Maybe it was because I was bored with the sport, or maybe I couldn’t be openly rooting for too many losers at once.

In that sense, Jenny is right that I have been a little fair weather. However, my excitement for the Bulls has been growing in recent years, not just this season.

I started to have some optimism when they got Joakim Noah in the 2007 Draft. That was followed up by a miraculous lottery win in 2008, netting them Derrick Rose.

I’m not going to lie, I was one of those Bulls fans all prepared to buy a LeBron No. 6 jersey this summer, before he decided to take his talents to South Beach.

I still followed the Tribune every day as the Bulls slowly built their roster with the ton of money they had been saving for LeBron and Bosh. Cuddles and I were pretty happy with the direction of the franchise.

That said, I never would have predicted this kind of season. Rose has turned out to be better than I could have possibly imagined. The new coach is great and the team is fun to watch because it plays with so much hustle and passion.

Not working nights any more has helped in my excitement of the Bulls because I have been able to watch a lot of their games this year. That has me even more excited about the playoffs.

So call me a fair-weather fan if you want. It’s a fair complaint.

However, I’m not completely fair weather, as people like Cuddles can verify.

Mad ramblings

• I was really hoping for a Tiger comeback at Augusta this weekend. Friday had me all excited, though I kind of figured he wouldn’t win after Saturday.

Still I was certain of two things Sunday — Tiger would make it interesting and Rory McIlroy would choke. I went 2-for-2 there.

• Speaking of the Masters, the new Tiger Woods game is awesome. It finally lets you play Augusta. Makes you appreciate the Masters more, because those greens are ridiculously hard.

• Scoop texted me on Saturday that we are definitely going to the Master some day. Make this happen bud!

• Raiders receiver Louis Murphy got caught with a different kind of performance enhancer.

• The NFL Draft is in a couple of weeks and I am not even remotely interested. Stupid lockout.

• Yeh-Peu-Dah’s friend who is a massage therapist worked on my back Sunday. She did a great job, though my back is such a mess it will take more than one session. It was in such bad shape that she has offered to work on it regularly for a reduced price. Apparently she feels sorry for me. </sadtrombone>

• The Guster concert was pretty entertaining. Hadn’t seen them since they opened for John Mayer in 2002. Don’t judge me because I saw John Mayer in concert. Prior bought the tickets…

Bear Down and Keep the Faith!


About Joshua Buckley

I used to be a Sports Editor. Now I'm the Media Relations Manager at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.


3 thoughts on “Me, a fair weather fan?

  1. – I don’t think it makes you a fair-weather fan of a team if you just don’t give a shit about the sport as a whole. Bottom line, we’re from the South, we’ve only got so much time in our schedule to be intense about so many sports, so we gotta choose. NBA? they’ll loose out everytime on my share of attention. Of course, the Pistons . . . yeah, enough said.

    – If those count as performance enhances, than call me Jose Canseco! Wait, I mean . . . dammit.

    – {insert massage/happy ending joke here}

    Posted by southernmaninindy | April 11, 2011, 12:26 pm
  2. I’m so sad to hear that the phone is broken!

    I definitely want to see The Masters. In fact , I’d have to put it on my sports bucket list.

    Posted by David Clemons | April 11, 2011, 6:37 pm
  3. Random Fact: I went to the Master’s Practice Round my freshman year at Montevallo courtesy of fellow AKL brother Philip Luse. Augusta was amazing. Nothing can compare, as far as beauty and just the AURA of the place! The highlight for me was getting rejected by Tiger on a high-five. I have a chain of pics of him getting close to me and u see my hand, but him keep walking. Other than being able to see Bama win title game in Pasadena from the 40-yard line, Augusta is probably my top sports moment.

    I would not say Buckley is a fair-weather Bulls’ fan anymore than I am. I have always been a Bulls’ fan. I have always kept up with them following the Jordan era. If you asked who my favorite team was, I said “Bulls, but I love Kobe Bryant!” It was just hard to root for boneheaded management and coaches. Unlike Buckley, I did not want LBJ in Chicago. Wade YES, JAMES HECK NO!!

    Posted by Matt Perdue | April 13, 2011, 11:21 pm

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