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Top Five: TV Shows

With a mini-marathon this week, I was able to complete watching Season 1 of Farscape on Tuesday night.

Making it through the first season, I was inspired to write a new Top 5 blog — favorite TV shows.

Keep in mind, my TV watching has declined over the years, mainly because I worked nights and watch mainly sports. I’ve tried to watch a few shows like V, The Event and the Sarah Chronicle Files, but they never kept me interested for a full season.

I also didn’t have DVR until 2007, so I missed out on shows like 24 and Lost. I’m sure one day I will watch them on DVD, but for now, I have to leave them off the list.

After talking with Yeh-Peu-Dah, I have also decided to leave off afternoon TV shows I watched as a kid growing up. Those will be saved for a later blog.

So with those runs in place, here are my Top 5 TV shows.

Honorable Mention

• X-Files: Was a pretty awesome show for the first three seasons or so, but jumped the shark in a serious way late in its run.

• Man vs. Food: I am fascinated by eating contests, so of course I have a lot of interest in this show.

• American Idol: This is the first season of Idol I haven’t watched. I just got too tired of crummy talent the past two seasons. David Cook was the last great Idol contestant.

• Futurama: Zoidberg. Enough said.

• Friends: Admit it, you liked Friends. Everyone liked Friends. That’s why it lasted for so long.

No. 5: Seinfeld

The show about nothing was truly brilliant at times. It became a pop culture phenomenon.

My favorite episode is the Soup Nazi, but there are several others that proved what outstanding writers they had.

Seinfeld and Friends were the last sitcoms I’ve watched with any regularity. Sorry “Office” and “How I Met Your Mother” fans, I just never was too interested in watching full time.

No. 4: MacGyver

Everyone from college remembers how much I loved MacGyver, especially when I bought a bootlegged version of the complete series.

Watching a lot of episodes made me realize how cheesy the show could be. I still loved it, though, and the creativity of the MacGyverisms was pretty awesome. I mean, he once turned a coffin into a jet ski!

No. 3: Family Guy

I would think this would be in a lot of people’s Top 5. No one realized it at the time, but Family Guy represented the future of TV — crude and sometimes offensive humor that pushes the boundaries.

Over the past two seasons, the show has dropped off a bit (though the episode about Quagmire’s Dad may be my favorite ever). Still, anytime I find it on TNT or Adult Swim, I am sure to stop and watch.

No. 2: Survivor

Twenty-two seasons in, and Survivor never gets old for me. Sure there are a few seasons where the cast isn’t that strong, but there are enough blindsides and twists every year to keep it fun.

Obviously, each Survivor season is like a series unto itself. So to be fair, I had to break it down to my favorite five Survivor seasons.

5. Australian Outback: Season 2 was when the show really took off. The Texan, Colby, dominated the game and should have won. Instead they gave it to Tina.

4. All-Stars: Season 8 featured the most popular/polarizing participants from the first seven seasons. There was plenty of twists and backstabbing making it entertaining throughout. This season was also remembered for Boston Rob proposing to Amber at the finale.

3. Samoa: The introduction of Russell Hantz. He burnt socks, emptied canteens and found three hidden immunity idols. The looks on the members he blindsided were priceless.

2. Pearl Islands: This was an enjoyable season when Rupert stole the other teams shoes and sold them at a market. Johnny Fairplay convincing the tribe his grandmother died made it even better.

1. Heroes vs. Villians: Other than Sandra winning, I thought this was the most entertaining season. JT giving an immunity idol to Russell was easily one of the dumbest Survivor moves ever.

No. 1: Farscape

I talked about why I like Farscape so much in this blog in March — Tapping my inner “Ensign”

After finishing the first season again, and I am reminded what a fantastic show it was. It had great writing, top-notch acting and an unpredictable story line.

If you have ever liked SciFi shows, I definitely recommend watching it. I am even willing to let someone borrow the first season to check it out.

Someday there may be a show that overtakes Farscape for me. It is going to have to be pretty damn good, though.

Mad Ramblings

• The Airborne Toxic Event is streaming its new album on its website. I recommend checking it out.

• The Bulls have looked a little shaky thus far. Still have time to work out the playoff jitters, though. I do like how they are coming up big in crunch time.

• The NFL schedule came out this week. It’s funny how the league is trying to pretend there will be a season in order to keep season ticket money.

• I had a conversation with Charles on the radio the other day about this issue involving blacks and baseball. I said La Marque, which hasn’t won a district game since I arrived in the area, would never be good at baseball again. It’s a bigger issue than one high school with 95-percent minorities.

• I’m really getting frustrated with the loud noises associated with Tejada. Luckily I have discovered the hang up button on my phone. It has become quite useful.

• I was informed the GCDN is a little miffed since I took some of their subscribers with me by keeping my Twitter account. This makes me smile.

Bear Down and Keep the Faith!


About Joshua Buckley

I used to be a Sports Editor. Now I'm the Media Relations Manager at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.


2 thoughts on “Top Five: TV Shows

  1. Josh, I always knew you were weird, but not this weird. The only shows you mentioned that were/are remotely good was/is Friends and AI. Friends is my all time favorite show. It still comes on at 4pm daily. This season of American has to be the best season ever! The talent is ridiculous. I love Scotty, tho he won’t win. Great kids, you missed out.

    The GCDN needs to be miffed at themselves because after they let you go, they hired a sub-par employee that doesn’t know shit about Galveston County. You know I have bitched a lot to you about it, but have also wrote letters to the editors. Boys soccer, last place to district champs, girls soccer first time to playoffs in years, both coaches District Coach of the year, track district results still haven’t been published, I could go on, but that is why they lost me. You were definitely the better sports editor than what they have. Best they had, they are pissed they let you go!!!

    Posted by Colts-Gal | April 21, 2011, 1:35 pm


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