Finally, an interview! Or…maybe not.

After four long months, I finally got an interview for a job today.

Well…I thought I did. Then I did a little more research.

This started on Monday when I was searching (again) for jobs to apply for. I have to apply for at least three jobs a week for unemployment benefits. With not many jobs opening each week, I’ve started scrapping the barrel a bit.

I found this job on Career Builder, so I decided to apply: Entry Level Marketing. Advertising. Public Relations

Obviously, I’m not thrilled about having to apply for an entry level position, but at this point I have to swallow the pride a bit and take whatever I can get.

However, when I applied for the job, I wasn’t really sure what I was applying for. As you can see, the ad is vague and didn’t even list a company name.

On Tuesday morning, I got an email from Certified Concepts, Inc.

Hi Joshua!

We have reviewed your resume, and we are definitely interested in learning more about you and how you might fit in with our company’s long term goals, expansion plans, or internship programs.  We feel that your skills and interest match the openings we are currently looking to fill, and we think that you could potentially be an asset to our company.

You can reach Cathi directly so that we can schedule as soon as possible.  We’re trying to fill these positions quickly and they won’t be around for long due to the high response we’ve had.  I hope to hear from you soon.


Cathi Roman
Human Resources

OK, so I finally had a company name at least. However, there were a couple of red flags.

1) The email address this came from was certifiedconceptsinc@yahoo.com

2) The phone number was an Atlanta area code.

I still called the number and left a message, though. A few hours later, I got a call from “Cathi.” She said the company wanted me to come in for an interview right away and asked if I was available Wednesday.

Obviously, this sounded pretty positive and it was a relief to finally have an interview. “Cathi” sent me an email with directions to the company and a confirmation of the interview.

Dear Joshua,

It was great speaking with you today! This email will serve as a confirmation for your scheduled interview with us on 04/27/2011 at 12:00 PM. I would like to remind you to bring a copy of your resume, and let you know the dress is business professional for your appointment.You will be meeting with our hiring manager Reggie, and he will be going over the details and description of the job with you.  Listed above is the address to our office for you to enter into your GPS, or Mapquest.

Thank you,

Cathi Roman

This email came from rain@executivehrdepartment.com. Hmm….

I decided I would drive to the building so I knew where I was going on Wednesday. This is what I saw when I pulled up.

Notice the giant yellow banner advertising the office space for rent. Another red flag. I decided I needed to do a bit more research.

When I got home, I googled “Certified Concepts Houston.” No company website popped up. Instead, it was only one of the ads they had posted. This is the exact ad — notice the grammar.

Multiple Positions Are Available from Marketing & Retail Events to Entry Level Promotions and Management!

We are one of HOUSTON’S most ELITE, Marketing/Advertising Firm that is responsible for participating in ongoing marketing plans and developing new market opportunities. We work with the industry’s leading clients in retail and home improvement industry and our events take place in a variety of retail venues throughout the HOUSTON area.

Also, what kind of Elite Marketing/Advertising Firm doesn’t have a website? At this point it was clear this was some kind direct sales company or a pyramid scheme.

Yeh-Peu-Dah and my parents agreed with my hesitations. My stepdad and I actually got a kick out of the situation and contemplated me going to the interview if only to get a good laugh. My mom was quite adamant I avoid the interview altogether.

So what started out as a promising interview chance turned out to be anything but. Oh well…the search continues.

Mad ramblings

• Glad to see the Bulls finally played like they are capable off in finishing off the Pacers in five games. I love watching Joakim Noah play and get the crowd fired up.

• NBA Players: “Whoa, that decertification shit actually worked for the NFL? Maybe we better try that too.”

• The new Airborne Toxic Event CD is fantastic. I think I like it better than their debut album.

• And we’re… WYLD STALLYNS! Or maybe it is Senior Stallyns? Either way, Bill and Ted 3 is coming.

• Charlie Sheen didn’t offer tickets for his Houston show on Twitter Tuesday, so I wasn’t able to win any. Shame. That probably would have made an epic blog.

Bear Down and Keep the Faith! (And don’t fall for phony job postings)


About Joshua Buckley

I used to be a Sports Editor. Now I'm the Media Relations Manager at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.


One thought on “Finally, an interview! Or…maybe not.

  1. After undergrad, I interviewed at two different companies just like this, one in Atlanta, one in Nashville. Both were exactly the same – they sent you out to do door-to-door sales some surrounding suburban or rural town.

    Good decision to cancel that interview.

    Posted by southernmaninindy | April 28, 2011, 9:38 am

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