Alfred Hitchcock Presents…

There were plenty of hazards being a sports writer

I’ve been locked in several stadiums, had my car hood smashed by a foul ball and was taken out on the sidelines during a football game.

You’d think being a sports radio broadcaster would be a bit less dangerous. Not so much.

I was doing play-by-play on the radio Friday night with Dr. Coles, when I felt someone poke me in the back. I had already seen James Freemont, so I figured he had come up to say hi.

I started to turn around and suddenly I felt something attacking me.

I let out a scream. It was probably pretty girly sounding.

I looked around, trying to find my assailant. What I saw was an imposing creature that looked that this.

OK, so it was just a sparrow, but still, it freakin’ scared me. I didn’t expect a bird to fly into the press box, land on my back and then nervously flap its wings as I turned around.

I’m sure Mike Greenberg would understand.

My radio boss, Charles, was at another game. One of the people that listens to our broadcasts to make sure things are going OK, called him up to tell him I had been attacked by a “flock of seagulls or something.” Charles laughed when I told him the real story.

Doc couldn’t stop laughing the rest of the games, making jokes about the bird. He even tricked me into turning around saying the bird had flown back for a second attack.

Yeh-Peu-Dah probably summed up the experience best with a post on Twitter: Sparrow 1, Buckley 0.

America’s Team 1, Divas 0

Speaking of 1-0 advantages, how about those Chicago Bulls?!?

I must say, I expected the Bulls to win Game 1, but I never would have thought a 21-point over the Heat. Talk about a statement.

I’ve been saying since the playoffs started that I thought Chicago’s defense and bench would get them to the Finals. They showed that in Game 1.

I loved the Bulls’ game plan — let Bosh get his points and focus on stopping LeBron and Wade. Don’t even worry about anyone else. It turned out to be perfect.

I’m not stupid enough to think that is going to happen every game. I still think the Heat win at least two games. That is what makes Wednesday’s game that much more important for Chicago.

If the Bulls can go up 2-0 heading to Miami, I think that puts all the pressure on the Heat. We see how it affected the Lakers. Let’s see if it affects the Heat the same way.

Goodbye Han-Ram

On Friday night, I did the unthinkable…I traded Hanley Ramirez off my fantasy baseball team.

Han-Ram has been on my team since 2006, when I traded Johnny Damon and a fourth round pick for him prior to the draft. People thought I made a bad deal. They were wrong.

He went on to be a big part of my three-peat championships from 2006-08, along with my second place finish in 2009.

I’ve thought about trading him in the past, but never come that close to doing so — until last week.

Despite a horrible offense, my team has been doing pretty well this year. Han-Ram has been horrible though, hitting around .200 with only two home runs.

SanSan offered me Miguel Cabrera and Stephen Drew for Han-Ram and Jason Heyward. I nearly said yes, but then Heyward came down with a shoulder injury.

Cuddles had been wanting both Han-Ram and Heyward for a while. We exchanged a few names early last week, and when Heyward’s shoulder exam saw no structural damage, we completed the trade.

I got Matt Kemp, Jimmy Rollins, Joe Mauer and Brandon League in exchange for Han-Ram, Heyward, Mark Trumbo and Sergi Santos.

It was tough giving up Han-Ram, but getting the No. 1 ranked OF and keeper potential players in Rollins and Mauer (assuming he comes back healthy) was too much to pass up. Hopefully this trade doesn’t come back to bite me some day.

Mad ramblings

• For some reason, I can totally see Scoop writing a column like this regarding trademarks.

• So, yeah, ESPN kind of screwed the pooch on covering the Alabama lineman’s death.

• Threw down a 432-point word on Yeh-Peu-Dah in WordFeud Sunday. Gotta love the random boards.

• Congrats to Boston Rob. He absolutely deserved to win Survivor this year.

• Bon Jovi on Tuesday!

• Airborne Toxic Event on Sunday!

Bear Down and Keep the Faith!


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I used to be a Sports Editor. Now I'm the Media Relations Manager at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.


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