It was still a fun season

Joakim Noah really said it best about the Miami Heat.

“They’re Hollywood as hell, but they’re still a hell of a team.”

The Heat are a bunch of arrogant whiners, but when LeBron and Wade both turn it on at the same time, they are impossible to stop. The Bulls found that out the hard way in the fourth quarters of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Even though Miami won in five games, I laugh at those that say they easily dispatched of the Bulls. Chicago had late leads in Games 4 and 5. If they had somehow been able to hold on there, the Bulls would have gone back to Miami with a 3-2 lead.

But if “ifs” and “buts” were candies and nuts, we’d all have a wonderful Christmas.

What is disappointing is that this may have been the best chance for a few years to beat the Heat. They are only going to get better the next few years as the team builds a better bench around the Big Two and a Half.

Chicago has a great core, but somehow is going to have to find another scorer to pair with DRose. With the upcoming CBA negotiations, my guess is the only way they can sign someone is if a veteran like Richard Hamilton signs for the minimum in order to play for a winner.

The Bulls do have two first round picks this year, and have the rights to a Bobcats pick that could be unprotected by 2016. My guess is they try to package those picks with Ronnie Brewer for someone like OJ Mayo.

Something that hasn’t been discussed is maybe moving Luol Deng while his stock is high for a better scoring small forward. Rudy Gay anyone?

While it was disappointing to see Chicago go down in the conference finals, I really can’t complain. If you had told me before the season the Bulls would finish with the league’s best record, have a 22-year-old MVP and at least make Miami work in the playoffs, I would have gladly accepted that.

More importantly, this year’s Bulls team was so fun to watch that it got me more interested in the NBA again. That was a definitely plus to an entertaining season.

Mad ramblings

• Apparently the GCDN Newsroom got all new iMacs. Meanwhile, I’m an unemployed single dad that had to apply for food stamps last week. I’m not bitter…

• Stories like this don’t help the Heat shake their reputation as divas.

• College football talk is starting to heat up, and some are already picking Alabama No. 1.

• Get ready for some entertaining posts this week, including the most awkward hug in the world.

Bear Down and Keep the Faith!

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I used to be a Sports Editor. Now I'm the Media Relations Manager at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.


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