More than one way to cook a squid

I’ve been lazy, and in the meantime I’ve had a lot of blog ideas pile up.

This is one I’ve been wanting to write for a couple of months now.

Yeh-Peu-Dah had to buy a couple of Korean food items, so she decided to stop by the Korean market with me. Before we arrived, I joked if the mogwai were available in the hidden back room. That joke didn’t go over well.

When we got to the Korean market, I was fascinated. Most of that fascination centered around one thing — squid. I never knew squid could be prepared in so many ways.

A few weeks later, Yeh-Peu-Dah asked if it was OK we swing by the Korean market so she could pick up some things. I gladly said yes, mostly because I got my camera ready to go. Here’s my documentation of the squid at the Korean market.

The Korean market

When I say there were a lot of different kinds of squid at the market, I’m not joking.

There were three different kinds of dried squid.

There was some kind of raw squid sushi. (modeled by Yeh-Peu-Dah’s sister)

There was some more “fresh” squid.

Can’t forget the octopus.

Seasoned squid anyone?

Some dried sliced squid, aka, squid jerky.

Save your squid for late by freezing it.

Tube squid? Never heard of it.

And my personal favorite (though the camera didn’t save the photo, so I had to get one from google) — squid ink hair dye.

Oh yeah, and if you want different ways to prepare your squid, you can’t forget the rice and soy sauce.

I’m sure the asians at the market thought the white guy taking pictures was odd, but I couldn’t resist.

Best trip to the supermarket EVER!

Mad ramblings

• While I’m on the theme of funny pictures, what was weather.com thinking with this lead headline and photo on its site?

• I already thought the Heat stars were a bunch of jerks, but making fun of Dirk for being sick was ridiculous. Wade used to be a likable guy. Now he’s a punk just like LeBron. If there is a Sports God, Miami will get blown out in Game 6.

• I’m sure all Sports Guy fans have already checked out Grantland.com. It’s a solid site thus far, though some of the articles are extremely wordy. The New York Times had an interesting article on Bill Simmons.

• Good for Carlos Zambrano for calling out the Cubs. They have been horrible this year. Mike Quade is a horrible manager, as evidenced by him leaving Zambrano in the game Friday night when he was gassed and had walked the bases loaded…in the seventh inning!

I look forward to next year, when these vets with no heart are gone, and Ryne Sandberg is in the dugout as manager.

• True story — bagger at the grocery store smelt my package of maple bacon. It was air sealed. He insisted he could smell it. Awkward.

• X-Men First Class was the best one of the series. I didn’t have high expectations when I heard they were making the prequel, but it was fantastic.

• One of my old Galveston County teams won the state softball championship, which I got to broadcast over the internet. The Houston Chronicle also let me do the game story. Good times in Austin.

Bear Down and Keep the Faith!


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I used to be a Sports Editor. Now I'm the Media Relations Manager at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.


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