‘I’m infallible young fella!’

Remember the scene in Caddyshack when the Bishop is playing the game of his life in a driving rainstorm just before getting struck by lightning?

There was no driving rainstorm or atmospheric electrostatic discharge, but for a three-hole stretch at the Ghetto Par 3 Golf Course, I felt like the Bishop.

“I’m infallible young fella!”

For the first six holes, I was sputtering on the course like I did Sunday. I was 10-over at that point, thanks to some more horrible pitches from just off the green.

However, with the sun setting, my game found the spark it had been looking for.

Hole No. 7 goes a little more than 100 yards. The majority of the time I end up in the water that is just to the left of the green.

Not on this day.

Taking out a pitching wedge, I hit a high shot that landed on the green, about 15 yards from a high hole placement. My first putt came within three feet of the hole, giving me an easy shot for a par.

Now keep in mind, heading into Wednesday, I had made just two pars in my career. Granted, I haven’t played all that much, but I still had yet to hit a par since playing more regularly during my “extended vacation.”

Obviously, I was quite excited to have finally sunk a par. The monkey was off my back. That might have contributed to the next two holes.

Hole 8 is another short hole that goes just under 110 yards. I pulled out the pitching wedge again and dropped a better shot than I did on 7. I narrowly missed a birdie by about a foot, as it broke to the right near the hole. Still, I gladly settled for a par.

Back-to-back pars!

“I could break the club record theoretically.”

OK, maybe not. Still, I was in position to shoot my best round ever on the ghetto course.

There was a long wait on the final hole, because the douchebags in front of me insisted on “reading the greens” even though it took them three shots to get there.

The ninth is a 200-yard Par 3, so I went ahead and broke out the driver. Unfortunately, I didn’t make good contact, and it only went about 110 yards.

I pulled out a lob wedge for my second shot, but unfortunately fell about short 20 yards.

“Oh rat farts!”

Finally, I was able to get down a nice chip shot onto the edge of the green, leaving me an 8-foot putt for bogey and a new record for me.

With the long putter in hand, I took a deep breathe, and confidently sunk the putt.

I finished 1-over on the final three holes, and a career-best 11-over on the round. Compare that to a 5-over I posted on those same three holes when I played Sunday. I felt so good that I could have played another nine holes, but by then, darkness was settled in.

Now look, this isn’t that earth-shattering since it is a Par 3 only course. Still, to go 1-over on the final three holes was by far the best stretch of golf I had ever played.

The trick now will be to continue this momentum and start hitting pars on a regular basis. Will this lead to my first birdie? You better believe there will be a blog when that happens!

Internet clips

I’ve been capturing the screen shots for a few funny things I’ve seen on the internet. I figured I would share them on the blog.

• I want you to read the paragraph below and see if you notice anything. Apparently, they need a copy editor along with a technical writer.

• This really may be the worst ESPN.com headline ever. And that’s saying something.

• I saw a website that pointed this out when you Google, “Skip Bayless is.” Quite a reputation ole’ Skip has made for himself.

Mad ramblings

• The Michelle Beadle-Erin Andrews ESPN rivalry may have gotten a bit nastier, according to Deadspin. Was Andrews the one that narced on Beadle trying (successfully?) to get laid by Aaron Rodgers and/or Clay Matthews?

• Good article by Gene Wojclechowski on Tiger’s breakup with Stevie Williams.

• It may not be in the best interest to assume everything you read on Twitter is factual. I know one thing, I am not going to follow @NFLDraftInsider.

• Say a prayer for the piano man Joey Harrington, who was hit by an SUV on Sunday — while riding a bicycle. Luckily, he was wearing a helmet (snicker, snicker).

Joey Harrington holds a special place in the heart of me and the other members of the Montevallo Geezers fantasy football league.

He actually caused the biggest fight in our league’s history, which prompted one owner to quit. Yes, over Joey Harrington. I wish I was kidding.

• And finally, a little video to brighten your day. (Note: you probably want to have earphones on for this if you are at work.)

Bear Down and Keep the Faith!


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I used to be a Sports Editor. Now I'm the Media Relations Manager at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.


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