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A short time ago at a museum right up the road

One of the neat things about living in a big city is having a museum district.

Houston has a real nice Natural Science Museum, which I have visited several times. The basic part of the museum is cool, and they usually have special exhibits come in throughout the year.

In 2009, I had a chance to see Leonardo, the mummified dinosaur. It was like without a doubt, the coolest thing I have ever seen at a museum.

A few months ago, I saw a billboard driving into Houston advertising a new exhibit at the Houston Health Museum — Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination.


I looked it up online that night and read up on the exhibit. It featured a bunch of actual props, costumes and models from the six Star Wars movies. It also had displays and videos saying if the technology in the movies would be possible with today’s science.

The exhibit was only going to be up for three months, so I needed to get up there by the middle of September. I figured I would drag Yeh-Peu-Dah up there at some point.

However, Tuesday I found myself with a few hours to kill in the afternoon. I decided to make the venture up to the museum with my camera and enjoy the exhibit.

It turned out to be pretty awesome. For $20, I got to see a ton of Star Wars stuff I grew up seeing in the movies. I also wanted to be a special f/x artist when I was younger, so seeing all the miniatures used for the film was fantastic to me.

I paid the extra $5 for the Millennium Falcon experience. It was pitched as some kind of adventure in a replica cockpit of the ship, but it turned out to just be a film about the universe. Kind of dull.

I know some of my readers are Star Wars nerds like me, so I took plenty of photos for a slide show. Hope you enjoy it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mad ramblings

• High school football season starts this week. I’m excited. I’ll still be covering a lot of my old teams for radio, so that is going to be fun. Not sure if there is a Galveston County team that can win state, but I think La Marque and Clear Springs can make a nice run to Dallas.

• It’s still f-ing hot out here…and it could get hotter. Blah.

• There have been some weird traffic jams in Houston, but never due to bull semen. Sorry Nashville drivers.

• Finally, if you haven’t seen this way to catch crooks in Alabama, you have to check it out.

Do I still get the tickets?

Bear Down and Keep the Faith!


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