Horrible predictions: 2011 Football

OK, you know the drill. I give my predictions for the upcoming season. You immediately go to Vegas and bet the exact opposite.

So here we are, my horrible predictions for the NFL and College Football seasons.


NFC East

1. Philadelphia: They aren’t the unbeatable dream team as some are making them out to be, but they are still going to win this division by 2-3 games.

2. New York: I was really feeling the Giants, and then they lost half their secondary to injury during the preseason. That’s not good.

3. Dallas: The Cowboys have cut a lot of vets to get under the cap. That hurts this season, but sets up strong for future.

4. Washington: They have a QB controversy between John Beck and Sexy Rexy. Need I say more?

NFC North

1. Green Bay: All those injured players for the Super Bowl champs are back. That makes them even stronger.

2. Chicago: I’m not going to lie, the Bears got lucky to an extent last year. They played three teams using third string quarterbacks. They also still have a shitty offensive line. They will still make the playoffs, thanks to the defense, but I doubt they can beat the Packers.

3. Detroit: Let’s be honest, the Lions won’t make the playoffs because no way Stafford stays healthy the whole season.

4. Minnesota: McNabb will make them competitive, but the defense strong and the offensive line is about as good as Chicago’s.

NFC South

1. New Orleans: I think the Saints had a lot of pressure last year as defending champs. Some of the pressure is off this year, which will result in a division title.

2. Atlanta: The Falcons will fight the Saints all year for the division title. They should claim the top wild card spot.

3. Tampa Bay: Josh Freeman is a star quarterback in the making, but they still have a lot of holes.

4. Carolina: Cam Newton will get better as the season goes on, but they are still going to be near the bottom of the league.

NFC West

1. St. Louis: The Rams made a lot of upgrades for a squad that just missed the playoffs last year. Bradford is a stud, and should have a big season.

2. Arizona: Mercifully they got a decent quarterback in Kolb. That should make them competitors for the division.

3. Seattle: The Seahawks seem like they are setting themselves up for a shot at the top pick in the draft. Unfortunately, they are still better than…

4. San Francisco: With the first pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers select Andrew Luck, quarterback, Stanford.

AFC East

1. New York: I think the offense will be better with Sanchez in his third year and a full season of Santonio Holmes. The defense is always great and I think Rex is one of the top coaches in the league.

2. New England: Another year, another playoff berth for the Patriots. I would like to see Randy Moss make a return to New England.

3. Buffalo: Please, give the ball to CJ Spiller. It would help the Bills and my fantasy team.

4. Miami: The Dolphins have some good pieces, but not at quarterback and on the defense.

AFC North

1. Baltimore: The Ravens seem in good position to finally overtake Pittsburgh this year. Can Flacco keep from screwing that up?

2. Pittsburgh: One of these years, Pittsburgh isn’t going to get all the breaks. I’ll be honest, I am sick of the Steelers.

3. Cleveland: Getting better, but still not close to the top two in this division.

4. Cincinnati: The Bengals are going to give San Fran a run for its money at the top pick.

AFC South

1. Houston: If the Texans can’t win the division this year, they never will. The offense is stellar and the defense can’t be worse than it was last year.

2. Tennessee: Hasselbeck and Chris Johnson will keep the Titans competitive. If they turn to Locker, then the team will start going downhill.

3. Indianapolis: I think Peyton misses a lot of time. And the Colts will lose most of those games.

4. Jacksonville: This team is a disaster. Soon to be headed to Los Angeles.

AFC West

1. San Diego: The Chargers start off slow again, Norv Turner gets fired, and yet they still win this shitty division.

2. Oakland: The Raiders are one of those teams that won’t challenge for a playoff spot, but no one really wants to play them.

3. Denver: Why are people acting like Kyle Orton is this great quarterback? Seriously, he’s not that good, and neither is the rest of this rebuilding team.

4. Kansas City: I have never been a believer in Cassell and I think the Chiefs aren’t going to be anywhere near as good as they were last year.

NFC Playoffs

• Wild card: Atlanta over St. Louis, New Orleans over Chicago

The Falcons over the Rams is an easy pick. The Bears defense contains the Saints well, but it is tough to win in the Superdome.

• Divisional: Green Bay over Atlanta, Philadelphia over New Orleans

The Packers put away the Falcons in the second half. Vick leads a comeback in the fourth quarter to give the Eagles a win over the Saints.

• Conference: Philadelphia over Green Bay

The Nnamdi signing comes through in a big way against the Packers. Plus, Vick has experience winning in Lambeau.

AFC Playoffs

• Wild card: Pittsburgh over San Diego, Baltimore over New England

The Chargers always choke at home in the playoffs. Ravens-Pats would be quite an exciting (and nasty) first round match-up.

• Divisional: Baltimore over Houston, New York over Pittsburgh

Houston takes advantage of its weak division to get a bye, and then gets clobbered by the Ravens’ defense. The Jets get revenge against the Steelers for last season.

• Conference: New York over Baltimore

Third time is the charm for Rex and the Jets.

• Super Bowl: New York Jets 23, Philadelphia 21

Rex Ryan. Michael Vick. This could be the greatest build-up to a Super Bowl ever. The game turns out to be a pretty good one too, with the Jets going on a long drive in the fourth quarter to kick the game-winning field goal.

College Football

OK, so I am cheating a bit and releasing these picks after the first week of the season. Big whoop, wanna fight about it?

Conference Winners

ACC: Florida State

I’m not as high on Florida State as a lot of people are, but once again, the ACC is pretty weak.

Big 12 (Ten?): Oklahoma

I really don’t want to pick the Sooners to win the conference. I actually think they lose to Texas and get scares from Baylor and A&M. Still everyone else will have two conference losses, giving OU the conference title.

Big East: Who cares?

OK, if I have to pick one, I’d say South Florida. No real reason. Why does this league have an automatic BCS berth?

Big Ten (12?): Wisconsin

Have you seen the Badgers schedule? They get Nebraska at home, one of their eight home games. Back-to-back road games against Michigan State and Ohio State is the only real tough stretch. Wisconsin goes unbeaten and clinches a spot in the BCS title game.

Pac-12: Oregon

The Ducks have a bunch of the same weapons they had last year, including Thomas at QB and James at RB. Those two will be impossible for PAC-12 defenses to stop — again. Notice I say PAC-12, because obviously Oregon has no shot against SEC defenses.

SEC: Alabama

The Alabama-LSU showdown will feature the top two teams in the country. Playing in Tuscaloosa gives the Tide an edge, preserving their undefeated season.

Unfortunately for Alabama, they fall to Mississippi State on the road the next week. Alabama still goes to Atlanta and wins the conference title, but that one loss keeps it out of the title game.

Heisman: Robert Griffin III, Baylor

Tim Tebow won the Heisman despite playing on a three-loss regular season team. That happens again this year, when Griffin’s play and stats overcome a fourth-place finish in the Big 12.

Fiesta Bowl: LSU over Oklahoma

More Arizona heartbreak for the Sooners.

Sugar Bowl: Alabama over Texas A&M

Welcome to the SEC, Aggies.

Rose Bowl: Oregon over Nebraska

Despite losing to Wisconsin twice, Nebraska gets an at-large BCS bid.

Orange Bowl: Florida State over South Florida


• BCS Title Game: Boise State over Wisconsin

The worst title game match-up ever causes a playoff to gain more steam than ever before.

Mad ramblings

• By the time you read this, Texas A&M will officially be a member of the SEC. Welcome Aggies. Now comes the pain.

• A lot of people hated the new uniforms that debuted with several schools this weekend. Personally, I think they are genius. Recruits dig stuff like that, and it is a big factor in deciding a school. Trust me.

• I’d rank the new uniforms in this order: Oregon, Georgia, Boise State, Maryland, Oklahoma State.

• Seriously, some people take things too seriously. Like these shirts for instance.

• Hoping to hear from a potential job opportunity on Wednesday. I will keep everyone updated.

Bear Down and Keep the Faith!


About Joshua Buckley

I used to be a Sports Editor. Now I'm the Media Relations Manager at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.


6 thoughts on “Horrible predictions: 2011 Football

  1. – How dare you question the Lions and our savior, Matt Stafford (Or, as the Sports Guy and TMR called him in a recent podcast, Matt Stafford-until-he-gets-hurt .

    – People are just mad about those girls shirts because they hate reality.

    Posted by southernmaninindy | September 7, 2011, 8:37 am
  2. I’m sure James will be thrilled about the Packers predictions, at lest until the conference title game.

    Posted by Anonymous | September 7, 2011, 3:35 pm
  3. Alabama with 1-loss would jump an undefeated Boise State and possibly an undefeated Wisconsin with their toughest OOC game being UNLV!

    Posted by mattperdue | September 7, 2011, 5:54 pm


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