I’m in the midst of preparing to move (where to, I’m not sure), so I decided to go through some of my storage bins with collectables and stuff from college.

Low and behold, what did I find in the bottom of one of the bins? My first wedding band.

I always thought the white gold band was ugly. Coupled with an engraving Prior got that said, “Life Begins 6-11-05,” and I remember being glad that I didn’t have to wear it anymore when I got a divorce.

I had no idea what happened to it, and I haven’t thought about it in years.

So now the question was simple — how much can I get for this thing?

My expectations weren’t too high, mostly because it was engraved. I was hoping for $20.

I went to a gold buying shop on Tuesday. The lady examined it and told me since white gold is notorious for being fake, they want it is prestine condition. The ring had some wear so she said she couldn’t take it.


At this point I decided to make one last attempt to get something for this by going to a pawn shop.

The girl looked it over, measured it and weighed it. She went in the back and the assistant manager looked it over.

“Here’s what we’ll do,” he said. “We will give you $60 for the ring, but you have donate $10 of it to the juvenile diabetes research fund.”

So let me get this straight — I get more than double what I was hoping for in cash, while also donating $10 for a good cause.

“Sounds good to me.”

While they were doing the paperwork, I noticed it said on the JDRF jug they had on the counter, “Donate $1 and get a free DVD.”

“Since I’m donating $10, can I get a free DVD?” I asked.

“Yeah sure,” the guy said.

I went through the DVDs they had. It was pretty much a bunch of crap. Then I found the winner.

Blue Chips.

So for selling a ring that I hated and had completely forgot about, I got $50 in cash and Blue Chips. Cha-ching!

As Howie Mandel would say, “You made a good deal!”

Mad ramblings

• The Bears offensive line is so bad. I have no idea why they continue to think J’Marcus Webb can be a starting left tackle in the NFL.

FOX apparently hates Jay Cutler.

• That said, it is much better to be a Chicago fan than a Chiefs, Seahawks, Colts or Vikings fan.

• If Landry Jones wins the Heisman, I’m going to scream. He couldn’t hold Sam Bradford’s jock strap. The only reason he is in the discussion is because he is an Oklahoma quarterback.

• My top three for Heisman right now — Kellen Moore, Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck.

• My college football top 5 right now — 1, LSU; 2, Oklahoma; 3, Alabama; 4, Wisconsin; 5, Boise State.

• If you aren’t following @DanBeebe on Twitter, you are missing out on some good conference realignment humor.

This pretty much sums up Houston baseball.

• I’m eligible for a phone upgrade on Oct. 1. The Droid 3 is mine in 11 days!

• I lost in the semifinals of the fantasy baseball playoffs. I hate missing out on the title game.

• My fantasy football team is 2-0, though, thanks to big performances by Purple Jesus, McCoy and the Jets defense.

You know you have a drug problem when…

• Rex Ryan may like feet, but Rob Ryan likes boobies.

• And finally, if you missed the Charlie Sheen Roast on Monday, you missed some good comedy — though the majority of the good stuff wasn’t directed towards Sheen. Mike Tyson was one of the roasters, and by the end of the night, it felt like Tyson was the one being roasted.

The highlight was Steve-O deciding he wanted to get a black eye from Tyson by running across the stage and jumping into Tyson’s fist. He did it at the end of the show again — and broke his nose.

This is what he looked like the next day. Ouch!

Bear Down and Keep the Faith!


About Joshua Buckley

I used to be a Sports Editor. Now I'm the Media Relations Manager at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.


7 thoughts on “Cha-ching!

  1. Either the Chiefs, Seahawks or Colts fans will end up being the Luck-y ones come draft day.

    At the moment, I say LSU, Bama, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Stanford.

    Lastly, we are all just lucky that Rob Ryan didn’t hold up the big sign (a la Oregon) to call the Boobies play!

    Posted by Kevin | September 20, 2011, 5:36 pm
    • I think the Chiefs have to be the Luck favorites now that they lost their two best players. Plus, I can see the players revolting on their coach by week eight.

      As for the boobies play, that would be positively epic. And if they played the Jets, he could have a card with feet. Haha.

      Posted by Joshua Buckley | September 20, 2011, 7:48 pm
  2. Marcus Lattimore… best player in football!!!

    Posted by mattperdue | September 20, 2011, 6:00 pm
  3. Yeah, so where are you moving?

    Posted by Stephanie Newton | September 21, 2011, 10:03 am
    • Well, I have money down on an apartment on the west side of Houston. However, if I get the job I interview for a week ago, then I have to stay in the Clear Lake area where I am now. I’m kind of up in the air.

      Posted by Joshua Buckley | September 21, 2011, 10:32 am
  4. As I texted you the other night, this story had me and Will rolling.

    Posted by southernmaninindy | September 22, 2011, 4:14 pm

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