Some ‘Tebow Karma’ for the SEC

There was a lot of crazy stuff going on in sports this past week.

There are plenty of good places to start, but let’s begin with college football.

Good karma goes a long way

Because of the high school football playoffs and a party on Saturday night, I didn’t get a chance to watch any college football this weekend. However, I watched all the madness unfold on my phone, which was still pretty exciting.

First, Oklahoma State choked in overtime against Iowa State on Friday.

Then, Oregon, Oklahoma and Clemson all were upset on Saturday.

What does that mean? The top three teams in the country reside in the SEC West — LSU, Alabama and Arkansas.

It also means that if LSU defeats Arkansas on Friday, all Alabama needs to do is win the Iron Bowl to play in the national championship.

Some are stunned the way the season has unfolded with the SEC having the top three teams. I’m not.

How has this season shaken up to set up perfectly for an all-SEC title game? Simple — Tim Tebow.

The SEC loves this guy.For years, Tebow destroyed the SEC. All of the fans despised him, as he crushed our teams.

When Alabama finally took out Florida in the 2009 SEC Championship game, we all cheered when Tebow started to cry.

However, now that Tebow is in the NFL, you would be hard pressed to find a SEC fan that doesn’t want him to succeed at quarterback.

Even though we hated Tebow’s dominance, you had to respect the guy. He won with class and many appreciated his dedication to his religion.

Now that he is in the NFL, SEC fans take offense to those hating on Tebow. We refuse to admit someone who dominated the best conference in the country for so long couldn’t be a good quarterback.

Plus, the dude is still the same humble, classy player he has always been.

What is the reward for cheering on Tebow in the NFL? Good karma. After all, God hates ugly, and all those Yankees are seeing the ramifications of hating on the chosen one.

The Curious Case of Tim Tebow

Speaking of Tebow, he did it again, folks.

The Tim Tebow legend continues to grow with another miraculous come-from-behind win, this one coming against a preseason Super Bowl favorite.

Once again, it wasn’t pretty. But no matter what the stats say or how he sprays throws all over the field, all Tebow does is play mistake-free football and win games.

So why does he have more success at the end of the game than anytime else? I think it is because the coaches have less influence on play calling late in the fourth quarter.

It’s pretty clear that high-ranking members of the Broncos want Tebow to fail. John Elway hates the kid’s game and would love to bring in a young pocket passer to groom next year.

The play calling throughout the game hardly takes advantage of Tebow’s skills. In fact, they kind of go out of their way to embarrass him.

But when the game is on the line, and Tebow is running the no-huddle offense, they suddenly have major success. Coincidence? I think not.

Honestly, Tebow needs two things to happen in order to reach his true potential as a quarterback in the NFL.

No. 1, the Broncos need to trade him. They don’t want him, so why continue the charade like you do.

No. 2, Tebow needs an offensive coach that is willing to embrace a spread offense. The Packers do it with Rodgers and his plethora of receivers. So do the Lions, lining up in shotgun 80-percent of the time.

Before it started looking like he is going to Ohio State, I thought Miami should hire Urban Meyer and trade a second round pick for Tebow. It may not work in the NFL, but isn’t it worth a shot? At worst, the Dolphins sell out the place because Florida loves Tebow.

I doubt that happens, though. Instead, I think Tebow will spend the rest of the season trying fourth-quarter comebacks in spite of the coaching staff. And if he wins the division, like I think they can, there is no way they can trade him.

I feel bad for Tebow, but maybe things will work out for him in the end. At the very least, he has become a great topic to debate for the rest of the season.

Thumbs down

Just when it looked like my Chicago Bears were moving into the elite category in the NFC, Jay Cutler broke his thumb.

Well, fuck.

Cutler was developing into a pretty awesome quarterback. He was avoiding pressure, making some great throws and limiting mistakes.

Now, it is up to Caleb Hanie to hold down the fort until Cutler hopefully returns for the playoffs.

I still think the Bears are going to make the playoffs. They have a one-game lead for a wild card spot, and have already beaten Atlanta, Phily and Tampa Bay.

Plus, the upcoming schedule includes Kansas City and Seattle at home, and Minnesota on the road. Not exactly murder’s row.

If Chicago goes 3-3 over the final six games, it should be in the playoffs. Then hope Cutler is back for a match-up against Dallas or New Orleans in the first round. It’s going to be tough to get back to the NFC title game in the scenario.

Not so crappy prediction

Back in April I gave my crappy MLB predictions. They certainly lived up to their name.

However, I hit one of them right on the head.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the NL MVP is … Ryan Braun!

You heard it on this blog on April 3, 2011. I can’t believe I actually made a correct prediction. Clearly the Mayans are correct.

Mad ramblings

• My Heisman Top 5: Trent Richardson, Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, Justin Blackmon, Case Keenum.

• Approaching the one-year mark of unemployment. I don’t want to hit that date, so I’ve ramped up the job search even more.

• I have a good feeling that the La Marque Cougars are heading back to the state championship. That means a return trip to the JerryDome.

• Finally, when did Mike Tyson become a comic genius?

This video parody of him doing a Herman Cain commercial is fantastic.

Bear Down and Keep the Faith!


About Joshua Buckley

I used to be a Sports Editor. Now I'm the Media Relations Manager at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.


2 thoughts on “Some ‘Tebow Karma’ for the SEC

  1. I wanted to have another shot at that Bears, so I hate that now they’ll possibly have an excuse for matchup #3. I’m like the women in the original Matrix who had the cord pulled on her by the traitor. “Not like this . . . Not like this”

    Posted by southernmaninindy | November 22, 2011, 2:43 pm

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