Hey Les, tell me how my (gr)ass tastes

There are wins.

There are blowouts.

Then there is what Alabama did to LSU on Monday night.

Sure the scoreboard said the Tide only won the BCS National Championship game over LSU, 21-0. However, if you watched the game, it seemed like Bama won by at least double that.

If you take out the first game against Alabama, LSU averaged 40.9 points a game. It beat the winners of the Rose (Oregon), Orange (West Virginia) and Cotton (Arkansas) Bowls by an average score of 43-22.

Yet in the title game, the Tigers had 92 total yards. 92!

They had five first downs, rushed for 39 yards, and were 2-for-12 on third down.

Meanwhile, Alabama had 384 total yards, held the ball for 10 more minutes than LSU, and committed just one penalty all night.

It was an epic beat down. It made Clubber Lang’s victory in the first fight against Rocky look tame.

And speaking of Rocky, Jordan Jefferson played the role of Apollo Creed getting pummeled by Ivan Drago, while Les Miles (Rocky) stood there holding the towel and staring in shock.

Miles may have come up with one of the worst coaching jobs of all time in this game. He never adjusted and had his fans nearly rioting by the end of the game.

I can hear Nick Saban taunting Les now: “If he dies, he dies.”

Yet, there are still a lot of people that insist Alabama isn’t the No. 1 team in the land. Five AP votes went against Alabama — four for Oklahoma State and one for LSU.

I was shocked to see someone from Georgia go with Oklahoma State No. 1. However, the rest of the voters were nowhere near any of the three schools involved.

Voters — always having an agenda of some kind.

Twitter was worse. I basically spent most of the second half of the game throwing facts at this people to help them understand their ridiculousness.

I wanted someone to give me one legitimate reason why Oklahoma State should be ranked No. 1 over Alabama and LSU. Here are their arguments and my responses.

Bama had its chance. Oklahoma State deserved theirs.

Oklahoma State did have a chance. Then it lost to Iowa State.


The same Iowa State that lost the Pinstripe Bowl to Rutgers. The same Iowa State that was 90th in scoring and 82nd in points against this year.

So really, Oklahoma State has no one but itself to blame for not being in the title game.

The system is broken. There needs to be a Plus-1 to give others a chance.

I’m all for that. As was SEC commissioner Mike Slive. Too bad the Big 12, Big Ten and PAC-10 were all against it.

If Oklahoma State wants to complain about the system now, you should have spoken up three years ago.

Oklahoma State played much tougher opponents (Iowa St included) than Alabama/LSU combined.

This idiotic statement came from someone on Twitter that actually knows a lot about football. When I blasted him about this ridiculous statement, he took down the tweet.

You may have a legit argument that Oklahoma State had a tougher schedule than Bama. The Tide did defeat the No. 2 (LSU) and No. 5 (Arkansas) ranked teams in the final AP poll, but next best victory was Auburn. South Carolina and Georgia were not on the schedule this year.

It wasn’t like Alabama didn’t try to play better teams, though. It went to Penn State early in the year when the Nittany Lions were ranked. Penn State also was 8-1 until the scandal broke out.

Oklahoma State did end up with nice conference wins over Baylor, Kansas State and Oklahoma. However, the best non-conference win was Arizona. That would be 4-8 Arizona.

No argument can be made that OSU had a tougher schedule than LSU, though. The Tigers beat Oregon, West Virginia, Arkansas, Georgia and Bama. In fact, the only team in the top five that LSU didn’t beat was Oklahoma State.

Oklahoma State is better because they score touchdowns.

Again, please bring facts before making silly statements.

Even after getting shut out by Bama, LSU was 17th in the nation in scoring at 35.7 points a game. Bama was 20th at 35.8.

Bama scored over 30 points in nine games. LSU accomplished that in 11.

Bama and LSU scored plenty of touchdowns this year — just not against each other.

Also, here are three numbers for you — 21, 14 and 14. What are they? The points put up by “high-scoring Big 12 offenses” the past three times they have faced an SEC team in the title game.

Oklahoma State lost its only game under extenuating circumstances.

So Brandon Weedon threw an interception in double overtime because of the plane crash? The Cowboys were so emotionally drained by the women’s basketball coach tragically dying that they blew a 17-point lead?

Yes, it is a shame the Cowboys had to play on the same night as a tragedy for the school happened. However, don’t use that as an excuse for the loss.


I am still waiting for one person to make a legitimate argument, backed up with facts, on why Oklahoma State should be No. 1.

People in Texas think because I am a SEC fan, I don’t want the system to change. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

I would love a Plus-1 system. I would have loved a Plus-1 system this year, just to see Alabama crush Oklahoma State by at least three touchdowns and shut up the haters.

LSU lost... "FUNNY!"

Regardless, this is the system in place, and for the second time in three years, Alabama is the top team in the land.

Even Boogie was excited about the win. As Scoop pointed out, she has seen more Alabama championships in her three years then most Auburn fans have seen in their lifetime.

Alabama is going to have a tough road to repeat next year, losing running back Trent Richardson and several studs on defense. LSU also has a ton coming back on defense, and the new quarterbacks can’t be as bad as the old ones.

Still, this was a special season. It didn’t have as many memorable moments as the 2009 team, but I think I finally came around to thinking this year’s defense was better. In fact, it was an all-time great.

Mad ramblings

• The Denver-Pittsburgh playoff game was fascinating. You could tell from the start Tim Tebow was going to have a good game, and even as it headed into overtime, I thought the Broncos were going to win.

But in the fashion Denver won the game? I didn’t see that coming.

Love him or hate him, Tebow is great for the NFL right now. He is a ratings bonanza, as was proved by last week’s TV numbers.

If Denver were to somehow make the Super Bowl, you could be looking at a record audience.

• Still can’t get enough Tebow? Pretty soon, you can read Marvel’s Tebow comic books.

• Congrats to Barry Larkin for making the Hall of Fame. You still can’t reason with me how there is such a change in voting percentage from year to year. If someone is a Hall of Famer, they are a Hall of Famer. Again, stop having agendas, voters.

• Watched the debut of Shipping Wars. It’s not as entertaining as Storage Wars, but I still saw enough to watch it again.

• And finally, a video Ron Burgundy would be proud of.

Roll MF Tide!


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I used to be a Sports Editor. Now I'm the Media Relations Manager at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.



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