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Top Five: Walking Dead S2 moments

If you enjoy “The Walking Dead” on AMC as much as I do, then this is a blog post for you.

If you haven’t seen the show, just go ahead and skip this.

By listing my top five moments from Season 2 of TWD, there are obviously major spoilers. So if you aren’t done with the season yet (what’s taking you so long), then come back after you are finished.

Season 2 of TWD had plenty of awesomeness throughout. Yeah, there were episodes where there was WAY too much talking. Yeah, sometimes you just wanted to punch the characters in the face for being dumb (let’s tie Glenn to a rope and send him down a well with a walker in it).

However, the season was a major success overall in my opinion.

Here are my top moments from this season. And boy, were there plenty of good ones.

Honorable mention

• Rick and Shane attacked at bus station: This was right after Rick and Shane got in a fight. This scene was intense, though it would have been better would it not have kept jumping back to the farm for more discussion on suicide.

• Michonne saves Andrea: Had I read the comics (which I am going to start in April), I would probably rank this higher. Still, it was pretty awesome to see a hooded figure cut a walker with a samurai sword.

• Carl shot by hunter: The cliffhanger to the first episode of S2 was a shocker. Carl getting shot came out of nowhere. Of course now, I think most would argue he shouldn’t have been saved.

• Herd attacks the farm: Tough for this to not make the Top 5, but it lost a few points for the ridiculous sharp-shooting by the group, especially while in moving vehicles (yes, I understand I am poking holes in the realism of a show about zombies, but still…)

• Herschel’s season finale line: “I can’t profess to understand God’s plan. Christ promised a resurrection of the dead, I just thought he had something a little different in mind.” A fantastic line from one of the top characters of the show.

No. 5: Walker Sophia exits barn

I was mad at myself for not seeing this twist coming for weeks. I mean, of course she was in the barn full of walkers. That made way more sense than Sophia somehow staying alive in the walker-infested world.

I read somewhere, and I agree, that Rick shooting Sophia would have had a larger impact had he not blasted the little girl walker in the series premiere.

Still, this was a fantastic end to the first half of S2.

No. 4: Rick shoots the Philly guys

This was a pretty intense scene with some great acting. The Philly guys were certain ready to be led to the farm. Rick wasn’t so keen on that plan.

Still, even with the buildup, the marksmanship shown by Rick was quick and impactful. And we also see why he made sure to deposit a few extra bullets in their dead heads (just in case that crazy Jenner is right).

It was also a glimpse that yes, Rick can still be a bad ass when he is needed to be. Little did we know, the Ricktatorship was set to begin a few months later.

No. 3: Shane shoots Otis to escape from the walkers

This was the episode where I thought it showed exactly what it took to survive in the zombie-infested world.

Shane was right — there was no way he and Otis were escaping that situation alive. So the obvious solution was to shoot the fat guy and get out of there.

Shane maybe could have helped fatty out a bit by putting a bullet in his head instead of his leg, but whatever. Besides, Otis kind of deserved it for shooting Carl in the first place.

I never really understood why Dale was all up in arms over Shane shooting Otis. If he doesn’t do that, then both of them die, as does Carl. I guess maybe Dale knew that Carl would eventually lead to his death.

This whole episode was well done, though, as you try to figure out why Shane was going all emo in the shower. The reveal of leaving Otis to die will drive a man to that, I guess.

No. 2: Shane killed by Rick, becomes a walker

Acting wise, this was one of the top scenes in the show’s short history. You could feel all the emotion — anger, fear, jealousy and ultimately sorrow for murdering your best friend.

Still, I must say I was sad to see Shane go. In my opinion, he had become the best character in the show, by far. Andy and Cuddles told me Shane died in the comic early, so he wasn’t going to make it on the show long. I had hoped they were wrong, though.

However, with Shane’s actions throughout the episode, it became apparent there was no turning back. When they ended up in the field (why didn’t Shane try to kill Rick in the woods?), the season-long buildup to the showdown was complete.

I thought Shane being killed by Rick was more impactful than Carl shooting walker Shane. Still, that was a great way to confirm what the show had been hinting at for weeks — you die, you turn into a walker.

For the overall effect on the show, this was the most important scene of the series.

No. 1: Dale attacked by walker, shot by Darryl

It was a tough choice between this and Shane’s death, but Dale getting gutted ultimately won out.

Why? Because it came as a complete surprise and killed off one of the most annoying characters in the show.

I remember telling Andy the week before that some main characters had to get killed in order to add a little excitement to the show. My choices were Dale and Andrea because they had become morons throughout the season.

The episode Dale died, he was especially annoying. Boo-hoo, we can’t kill Randle because they would make us bad people. Hey Dale, the old rules of humanity are out the window dude.

When Dale finds that eaten cow and then the walker sneaks up behind him, I let out a cheer. After just wanting him to STFU all episode, he was getting shut up for the series.

I was glad to see Herschel’s magic vet skills had finally met its match. I was also glad that Daryl was the one that pulled the trigger, though I found it funny Rick couldn’t do it. What Rick, you can shoot little girl walkers in the head but you can’t blast away the group’s biggest pain in the ass after he his dying with his guts hanging out?

Double bonus goes to the fact that Carl teasing the walker is the reason Dale was killed. Good luck living with that for the rest of your life you little shit.

This scene set up the final two thrilling episodes and reestablished the fact that anyone in the show can die at any time — except unfortunately Carl and Lori, who at this point, most viewers would gladly put a bullet in their heads.


I can’t wait for S3. Everyone has been telling me about the prison for months, so to see it in the final scene was awesome.

Hopefully a few more characters from the main cast will get killed in S3. T-Dogg, Carol and Herschel’s suicidal daughter are probably not long for this world, and I wish Lori would join them.

So, let’s hear the top five S2 moments from the other TWD fans out there.


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  1. I at least skipped to the bottom for mad ramblings and they weren’t there!!

    Posted by Jenna Tubbs | March 27, 2012, 2:23 pm

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