Horrible Predictions: MLB 2012 Season

Another baseball season is upon us, so you know what that means — more horrible predictions!

Last year certainly lived up to the name. I got four of the eight playoff teams correctly, but my World Series prediction of Boston over the Chicago Cubs wasn’t my best.

For the past five or six years (hell, I’ve lost track at this point), I’ve had the Cubs making the World Series. Not this year. In fact, I’m willing to admit they are pretty horrible.

That doesn’t mean I am giving up hope. It just means I am being a realist this year (for once).

So here we go, my horrible MLB predictions for the 2012 season.

AL East

1. New York — Pitching still a question mark, but that offense still one of the best.

2. Tampa Bay (WC) — Not a lot of offense, but that rotation is sick.

3. Boston — The pitching staff is a mess already, thanks to injuries.

4. Toronto — Have the weapons to possibly overtake Boston this year.

5. Baltimore — Hard to see them getting much better this year.

AL Central

1. Detroit — Easily the class of the division.

2. Kansas City — Young squad with a lot of talent.

3. Cleveland — Not a big believer in the Tribe’s pitching.

4. Minnesota — Can the Twins adjust to playing outdoors in Year 2?

5. Chicago — Not a lot to look forward to on the South Side this year.

AL West

1. Texas — Rangers are most complete team in the league.

2. Los Angeles (WC) — Pitching, Pujols make this team dangerous down the stretch.

3. Seattle — Could see some improvement from the Mariners this year.

4. Oakland — Repeat after me: Billy Beane is not a genius.

NL East

1. Miami — Lot of energy with new park, new manager and talented roster.

2. Philadelphia (WC) — Injuries to Howard, Utley will hurt early in the season.

3. Atlanta — I still don’t believe in the Braves, despite most “experts” predicting big things.

4. Washington — Not this year, but 2013 could be the breakout season for the Nationals.

5. New York — Probably going to be ugly.

NL Central

1. Cincinnati — On paper, Reds among league’s elite. Will Dusty Baker screw it up?

2. Milwaukee — Lineup definitely weaker this season, but the rotation is still strong.

3. St. Louis — Losing Carpenter for extended period could be as bad as losing Pujols.

4. Houston — I think this team will be more entertaining than the past two seasons. These young kids will hustle.

5. Chicago — As a Cubs fan, it pains me to say this — they stink.

6. Pittsburgh — Pirates still can’t be taken seriously.

NL West

1. San Francisco — If the Giants can generate some offense, watch out.

2. Arizona (WC) — Not a great lineup, but the pitching staff will keep them in games.

3. Los Angeles — Still another year away from really turning things around.

4. Colorado — Rockies will score runs, but the pitching will give up more.

5. San Diego — Caution, rebuilding in progress.


AL MVP: Alex Rodriguez, New York (I don’t know, something tells me he has one more MVP season in him)

AL Cy Young: David Price, Tampa Bay

NL MVP: Matt Kemp, Los Angeles

NL Cy Young: Tim Lincecum, San Francisco


Detroit over Los Angeles: Playing one-game playoff will hurt rotation.

Texas over New York: Rangers should cruise in a sweep

San Francisco over Philadelphia: See Los Angeles.

Cincinnati over Miami: An entertaining series, but Reds’ bats prevail.

League Championship

Detroit over Texas: Tough to win pennant three years in a row.

San Francisco over Cincinnati: Could be a fun seven-game series.

World Series

San Francisco over Detroit

The Giants’ pitching proves to be too much, and San Fran takes out the Tigers in six games.

Mad ramblings

• Yeh-Peu-Dah and I had a romantic dinner date at a nice Brazilian steak house last weekend. For those that haven’t eaten at one of those, it is an all-you-can-eat steak place. They come out with the meat on skewers and they cut it at the table.

We had filet minion wrapped in bacon, top sirloin, grilled pineapple, sausage and pork ribs, among others.

There was one thing on the menu that I talked myself into trying — chicken hearts. It turned out they were pretty good. Kind of had a sausage texture with some good seasoning.

I had three of them and when we go back, I will definitely have another one.

• Thanks Groupon for such a good deal that Yeh-Peu-Dah and I could go to the steak house. Even was cheap enough to allow us to get a bottle of wine with our dinner!

• After posting on Facebook that I ate chicken hearts, my boss is convinced I eat the strangest food.

He already thought my peanut and jelly smoothie that I bring to our weekly meetings is bad. Now, the chicken hearts combined with a bogoki (Korean BBQ) burger on Wednesday has him pretty freaked out.

What can I say, I’m willing to try anything to eat once.

• Apparently Joel Stein thinks it is horrible for parents to read Harry Potter or Hunger Games, though he admits he has no idea what they are about.

• A Dumb and Dumber sequel was announced a few days after the Anchorman sequel. CAN’T WAIT.

• Finally, if you are a dog or cat owner, you will probably enjoy this graphic I found on Twitter.

Bear Down and Keep the Faith!


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I used to be a Sports Editor. Now I'm the Media Relations Manager at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.



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