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Mad Ramblings: A ‘Golden’ Edition

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a Mad Ramblings column, and I’ve compiled plenty of thoughts since the last version.

In honor of the U.S. Olympic team, I am offering up 46 mad ramblings, which equals the amount of gold medals they won in London.

I touched on enough topics in this, so I expect some comments people!

1. Best moments of the Olympics: Phelps dominating his final few races, Bolt crushing the field in the 100- and 200-meters and the U.S. women’s soccer team winning a thriller over Canada in the semifinals. Thankfully, thanks to live streaming, I was able to watch all those events. However, I’m looking forward to live Olympics in prime time in 2016 for Rio.

2. Football season is almost here! Finally!!!

I’ll be back on the sidelines doing radio for high school this season. Add another powerhouse Alabama squad, and two Super Bowl contenders with Chicago and Houston, and I’m expecting it to be a fun five months.

3. For the first time since 2005, I’ll get a chance to go to an Alabama game. Patty ended up getting extra tickets at cost for the Alabama-Michigan game in Dallas. Now, Cosa Nostra: Dallas is set for Labor Day weekend!

4. Not going to lie…I feel really good about Chicago’s chances this season. The offensive line is still a major issue, but the Bears look good everywhere else. My NFL predictions will be coming soon, but you can guess where I am leaning towards.

5. The Texans also look sharp. And they play in a god-awful division. Do they have enough to beat the Patriots, though?

6. You really shouldn’t talk about your fantasy team to people not in your league. But I’m going to give my roster anyway. It’s a 14-team PPR league.

QB: Rivers, Cutler; RB: Peterson (Keeper), Murray (Keeper), D.Martin, Tate, Ryan Williams; WR: Marshall, R.White, Nicks, Lloyd; TE: Daniels; D: Texans, Cowboys; K: Gould.

If my running backs can stay healthy, I like my team a lot.

7. I know Dwight Howard is a stud, but is he THAT much better than Andrew Bynum? I mean, did that trade and the Nash signing really put the Lakers ahead of the Spurs and Thunder? I don’t think so.

8. I was hoping Howard ultimately ended up the Nets. I think that would have been a fun team to watch.

9. I’m going to be a realist and say the Bulls won’t be competing for an NBA title this year. No way Derrick Rose is 100 percent at any point this year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them try to ship Luol Deng and/or Taj Gibson to get someone like Josh Smith to help Rose next season.

10. Linsanity hit Houston last month, and honestly, it made me want to vomit. I get it – he gets big web hits and attracts an Asian audience, so you need to give the Rockets’ signing a lot of coverage. However, Houston is not New York. We don’t need cute nicknames and puns. Please, STOP WITH LINSANITY!

11. And now might be a good time to tell the Rockets GM that he needs to wake up from the pipe dream of a major free agent coming to Houston. I think it’s a great city, but for one reason or another, no stars want to play here.

12. Early NBA Finals prediction: OKC over Miami in six. Don’t see any reason either of this teams will fall short of a repeat Finals trip.

13. Only the Cubs could see their top trading chip go down with an elbow injury a week before the deadline. Sigh. At least they got a good return for Paul Maholm and Reed Johnson.

14. Overall, this is about what I expected from the Cubs this season. However, I have a feeling next year will be just as bad, because their pitching is horrible.

It’s tough to be a Cubs fan right now. Then again, it could be worse…

15. I could be a diehard Astros fan. When your best player, by far, is a 5-foot-5 no-power second baseman, you have issues. Target date for a .500 team is probably 2015 for Houston.

16. I’m sure everyone has heard by now of Melky Cabrera’s drug suspension and attempt to prove his innocence with a fake website.

His actions probably deserve more than a 50-game suspension that he got. But being deported? That may be a bit much…unless you are Rick Sutcliffe.

17. I’ll have to revisit my horrible predictions for the MLB season at the end of September. My San Francisco over Detroit World Series prediction is still in play, though that isn’t who I would pick if I had to redo my predictions today.

18. My fantasy baseball team is playoff bound, thanks in large part to Mike Trout. I have a shot for the best regular season record in the league, which would be nice. Heading into next year, I also have Trout, Matt Kemp and Starlin Castro as keepers.

The Evil Empire is back baby!

19. Yes, it was only a friendly. However, the USMNT win in Mexico last week was huge.

The U.S. had never beaten Mexico. Never! Yet with a squad that was missing Clint Dempsey and Michael Bradley, it came away with a 1-0 win in Azteca Stadium.

For the first time in years, the USMNT back line played really well against a good opponent. Geoff Cameron and Maurice Edu may have found their calling on the team.

Add in a super sub with Brek Shea, and I think the USMNT could become a dark horse heading into the 2014 World Cup.

20. BTW, I find it surprising that I have watched more USMNT games this year than Cubs games. Not sure if this makes me a crappy Cubs fan, but honestly, the soccer games are much more exciting.

21. I’ve seen The Dark Knight Rises twice thus far, and I absolutely loved it. I will have a bigger breakdown in a future blog.

With TDKR, Avengers and The Amazing Spiderman, my top five superhero movie blog suddenly is out of date.

However, here’s the big question while redoing the list — does Avengers stand separately, or do I group it together with Iron Man, Captain America and Thor? Thoughts?

22. The Campaign was absolutely hilarious. Raunchy as hell, but Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis were brilliant. I still think Anchorman and Old School were better, but this is my third favorite Will Ferrell movie.

23. Overall, I’d say this year has surprisingly lived up to expectations in the theaters. Hunger Games, TDKR, Avengers, Spiderman and Ted all were as good as I hoped. It’s going to be a slow few months now before Red Dawn, The Hobbit and Django Unchained this winter.

24. The old janitor at Moody Gardens is a huge movie fan. We talk about them every time he comes to our office. He also has a huge DVD collection, and is constantly bringing me movies I haven’t seen before. He’s a pretty cool cat.

25. Thanks to an AMC marathon, I got Yeh-Peu-Dah all caught up on Season 2 of The Walking Dead. After seeing the preview for Season 3, I cannot wait for October.

26. Along with bringing back three former contestants who had to leave due to injury (including the dude who fell in the fire in the second season), the new season of Survivor features former NL MVP Jeff Kent and Facts of Life star Lisa Whelchel. Yup, I’ll be watching that again this year.

27. I pretty much found out Shipping Wars was fake when the show contacted Moody Gardens asking if we had any weird stuff to ship. My world has been crushed (not really).

Still, it’s an entertaining show, thanks to Roy. And if you missed Tuesday’s episode, you missed a great moment when Roy shipped a Buzz Lightyear ride to a little boy who lost his father in an accident. He made the shipment for free, because he determined that was more important than making money. It was pretty awesome.

28. Mass Effect 3 released its updated endings after receiving a lot of fan backlash. I know some people were still upset with the update, but personally, I thought they were great. Not too much changed, just more explanation. Overall, great way to end the series.

29. I haven’t played any games since ME3. I still need to get caught up on the Assassin’s Creed series. Thought about getting College Football for the first time in years, but realized I didn’t have the time to put into it any more. I’m getting old :-\

30. At long last, The Killers are back. Their new album Battle Born comes out September 18. Here’s the first single from the album.

31. Richie Sambora, the guitarist for Bon Jovi, is putting out another solo album in September.

While his guitar skills are unmatched (sorry Santana fans), Sambora is actually a pretty good singer. The Bon Jovi song, “I’ll Be There for You,” was actually on his first solo album. It’s why he normally sings it in Bon Jovi concerts when Jon is taking a breather.

In my everlasting support of the band, I’m sure I will download the album when it comes out in September.

32. They haven’t announced the release date, but The Airborne Toxic Event said it is almost through tracking its third album. I’m thrilled.

33. I’m already looking forward to Nov. 7.

34. HARO gem of the day:

Summary: Seeking Hug Stories
I’m a College Instructor from Canada and I’m also publishing a book called, “Hug Someone You Love Today.” It’s a collection of hug stories about how a hug either changed your day or someone else’s for the better. If you have such a story, please send it to me at mike_sabbie@yahoo.ca with your name, where you’re from, and I will publish it in my book … with your permission.

35. Best new app I’ve discovered for my tablet and phone: StumbleUpon. It’s a great way to kill time and find funny stuff online. Check it out.

36. Also, I’ve become pretty active on Instagram (dabearsman) and 4Square. Follow me!

37. Apparently 95 percent of mosquitoes in Texas have West Nile Virus. Suddenly the little buggers that make their way up to the Moody Gardens Marketing Department don’t seem so funny.

38. Metta World Peace made an appearance on Yo Gabba Gabba this week. I’ll admit, I was kind of excited.

39. Those who said Jay Cutler doesn’t have a personality should watch this NFL Women’s Apparel commercial.

40. Those who thought Bob Knight was a foul-mouthed hothead…well, you are right. Enjoy these golf video outtakes (work headphones required).

41. And yet, Wally Backman gives Knight a run for his money (work headphones required).

42. This new NIKE basketball commercial is pretty awesome.

43. Allen High School’s $60 million football stadium is set to open. Yes, I said $60 million.

44. Of all the Call Me Maybe parodies out there, I think the Star Wars one is the best.

45. Former Chicago Bears defensive lineman Anthony Adams is currently a free agent. He made a viral video to show what life as an out of worker NFL player was like. Funny stuff.

46. Finally, a quick job update. The commute is loooooooong. With traffic, it can sometimes take an hour and a half. However…it’s totally worth it.

I mean, I used to get paid to watch sports. Now, I get paid to hang out with penguins!

Bear Down and Keep the Faith!

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I used to be a Sports Editor. Now I'm the Media Relations Manager at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.


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