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Mad Ramblings: Breaking Bad edition

So I could sit here and lie, telling you I haven’t blogged in two months because I’m super busy at work or I just don’t have time with my long commute and schedule.

Those wouldn’t be lies, but they aren’t the real reason, either. The truth is, I have spent much of the last two months watching what has become one of my new favorite shows – Breaking Bad

At the insistence of a few friends, with the biggest push from Andy, I signed up for Netflix online to watch Breaking Bad on my tablet. Everyone that watches it told me it was the best show on television. Turns out they were 100-percent correct.

I watched 54 episodes of BB to completely catch up before the final season starts next summer. So I thought it was fitting to have 54 mad ramblings in honor of Breaking Bad.

I’ll split it up into different categories to make it a little easier to read. Enjoy, and feel free to comment.

1. Hopefully you all read this before the end of the world on Friday.


2. Of course, I have to start this off with Breaking Bad. Wow, what a great show. The acting is amazing and the storylines keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat all throughout.

For those that don’t know, the show is about a high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with lung cancer, who decides to cook and sell meth in order to leave his family enough money to survive his death. This ends up evolving into something much more.

The key to the show though is lead actor Bryan Cranston. To think this unbelievably talented actor wasted years on Malcolm in the Middle is crazy.

I can’t wait for the final eight episodes of the show in the summer. It’s not too late to get caught up on the show before then. I recommend it for everyone.

3. The Walking Dead has also proven to be amazing in its third season. I read the comics, so I was familiar with some of the story lines going into this season at the prison. However, there are a lot of differences from the comic that keep you guessing during the show. It’s been a crazy season, and it is only halfway done.

4. Because of these two shows, I’ve had to adjust my Top 5 TV shows list that I originally wrote in April. Here is the new list: 1, Farscape (Will never been topped); 2, Breaking Bad (Yup, it is that good); 3, The Walking Dead (Strong S3 pushes it into T5); 4, Survivor (Solid S25 kept it on the list); 5, Family Guy (Haven’t seen much of the new season cause of football, though).

5. As I said, S25 of Survivor was solid. They announced this spring’s version is going to be another Fans vs. Favorites cast. Based on the list I’ve seen, I’m not particularly excited about the returning favorites, though there is are a few that could make it interesting.

6. Yeh-Peu-Dah and I haven’t seen many movies lately. Our last one was Flight, which featured a great performance from Denzel, though at times it was tough to watch.

7. I have to step up my movie viewing quickly though with a lot of great flicks showing and more on the way. Movies I want to see over the next month – Lincoln, The Hobbit, Zero Dark Thirty, Django Unchained, and Les Miserable.

8. OMG, the new Star Trek set for May looks AWESOME!

9. Yes, Angry Birds Star Wars is fun. Totally worth the download.

10. I know everyone hates Facebook games, but I have been playing one for a couple of months called MyVegas. It’s basically a slot machine game.

So why am I playing it? Well, you actually earn points the longer you play it. In turn, you can use those points to spend on attractions in Vegas.

Thus far, I have more than 50,000 points in the game. Basically, that means I can stay in a few hotels for two nights free! I’m trying to get about 25K more to earn a two-night stay in a suite. Then, Yeh-Peu-Dah and I are taking a vacation.

11. I went to see 3 Doors Down and Daughtry in concert in San Antonio last month. I was in SA on a media tour, so it was good timing.

Despite a lot of people making fun of me, it was a great show. I’ve always wanted to see 3DD live, and they didn’t disappoint.

12. New Bon Jovi album coming on March 26!!!!!!!!

13. New Airborne Toxic Event album next spring!!!!!!!


14. I haven’t taken the time to brag about my amazing prognostication skills for World Series.  That’s right, I predicted San Francisco to beat Detroit in the WS back in April!

(Please disregard my MLB postseason predictions from Oct…)

15. The Dodgers continue to make the Yankees look like penny pinchers. But first bold prediction for 2013 – LA will not even make it to the NLCS.

16. The Angels however, with the addition of Josh Hamilton, will play in the WS.

17. After another failed signing attempt by the Cubs, it’s time to accept that they aren’t appealing for major free agents at this time. I have a feeling they are going to have to overpay for someone next offseason to show they are ready to win again.

18. Meanwhile, in something only about 11 of you care about, my keepers for fantasy baseball include three of the top six OFs (Trout, Kemp, Heyward) and the top SS (Starlin Castro).


19. I forgot to post this on the blog before the season, but I had Oklahoma City over Boston in the NBA Finals this year.

20. I never understood the fascination with the Lakers this year. Was Dwight Howard really that big of an upgrade over Andrew Bynum? And Nash didn’t seem like a good fit with Kobe. I’d be shocked if they made it past the second round.

21. Great trade by the Rockets to get James Harden. They are still a middle of the road team, but they have become a lot more attractive for free agents with The Beard on board.

22. I’m still hoping Derrick Rose takes his time coming back from his knee injury. The Bulls aren’t going to win the title this year, so he needs to make sure he is completely healthy.

College Football

23. Let me tell you how much it sucked living in Texas when A&M beat Alabama. I must say though, Aggies fans were pretty classy in their trash talking. I’ll remember that when Bama gets revenge next season.

24. I will never understand why Texas fans are content with Mack Brown as coach. The Longhorns have been awful since the title game against Alabama, and they don’t seem to be making any improvements. Mack gets his ass beat by Oklahoma on a regular basis now and can’t seem to develop big name recruits.

Yet he stays? Why?

25. Looking back, my preseason predictions were downright awful. I had Bama in the title game, but picking Wisconsin to be there as well was not one of my better predictions. At least they won the Big Ten.

I also had West Virginia, Oregon and Clemson as conference winners, with Matt Barkley winning the Heisman. Yuck!

26. Those crappy games are almost as bad as the slate of BCS games this year. Bama-Notre Dame and Oregon-Kansas State are good match-ups. After that, the third best bowl is A&M-Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl. I mean, who wants to watch Northern Illinois-Florida State?

27. Bama 34, Notre Dame 10


28. Alright Lovie Smith, I’ve finally lost my patience. Look, I get that Chicago’s offensive line is garbage. Still, there is no reason to go from 7-1 to 8-6. Unless they win the final two games and get some help, I think the Bears are going to be in the market for a new QB.

29. Anyone who thinks Jay Cutler isn’t tough or the Bears are better without him hasn’t watched the team play this season. The only player more valuable on offense is Brandon Marshall.

30. Considering their team has a league-best 12-2 record, I have never seen as pessimistic a group of fans as Texans fans. I get that Green Bay and New England ripped them a new one. But they are only one win from home field advantage. I swear, there are so many Houston fans that can’t decide whether to stay on or get off the bandwagon.

31. Adrian Peterson is a monster…but I don’t think he breaks the all-time record. He’ll come real close, but averaging 147 over the last two games isn’t easy.

32. MVP: Peyton Manning. No offense to Peterson, who I think runs away with Offensive POY, but Manning has made the Broncos a legit Super Bowl contender.

33. Rookie of the Year: Andrew Luck. RGIII would have won had he not missed the game this week. Kirk Cousins winning a game for the Redskins hurts his chances. Meanwhile, Luck has turned Colts from league’s worst to a playoff team.

34. Defensive POY: J.J. Watt. And it won’t even be close. The dude is a monster.

35. I have never been more wrong about a player than I was about Colin Kaepernick. When the 49ers drafted him, I laughed. Whenever I watched him at Nevada, he looked like he had a rag arm and a painfully slow delivery. Well, he adjusted his delivery and now he is a star in the making for San Fran. And I look like an idiot.

36. How much have I changed my views on Kaepernick? He’s the starting QB for my fantasy team, which is now in the championship game. It’s been an odd season for me (league’s highest scoring team but only made the playoffs as the No. 6 seed), but the Purple Jesus Resurrection has a chance at claiming my second title in my league.

37. So it sounds as though the Jets are going to trade Mark Sanchez, cut Tim Tebow and sign Michael Vick. Vick in New York…yeah, nothing could possibly go wrong there.

38. Matt Barkley = Brady Quinn 2.0. Good luck to whoever drafts that rag-armed pretty boy.

39. If you aren’t reading Pro Football Mock’s weekly NFL QB Facebook conversations, then you are missing out!

40. Updated Super Bowl pick: Denver over San Francisco

Best of the Rest

41. Could Texas become a blue state during the next two elections? Some politicians and experts seem to think so. The reason being is due to the influx of Hispanics into the state.

Being in a potential “purple” state could actually draw me in to vote this next election. It would be nice to know that my vote, whichever direction it would go, might actually mean something.

42. A lot of people are getting upset that Instagram will have the right to sell photos. Look, it’s not a big deal for us common folks. National Geographic is closing its Instagram account, which makes total sense. But for those of us that just tweet funny things or shots of our kids, I think we are safe.

43. Facebook actually released a good app for Android. Only took them four years.

44. Someone told me about Verizon’s new policy that you lose your unlimited data plan if you upgrade phones through them. Considering I route more than 13GB through my phone each month, this is not an option for me. Looks like I will either switch companies or buy a phone off eBay next year.

45. Thus far, Christmas is off to a great start for me. I’ve already received a hounds tooth Alabama hat and a bottle of Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select. I hope this is a sign of things to come.

46. New dilemma when Christmas shopping for a kid – which gifts come from me and which come from Santa? To quote Stanley Motss from Wag the Dog, “I want the credit!”

47. It’s December and Houston has had 10 days with 80-plus degree temperatures. That’s just not right.

48. Work has been going great. I’m making regular appearances on TV for Fox 26’s Wild Wednesdays, as well as traveling across the state for media tours. Also, in the past two months, I’ve dressed up as a polar bear, helped penguins vote and played with baby penguins. I love my job!

49. Best app for those making regular business trips – TripIt. You can thank me later.

50. My body seems to have adjusted to working normal hours. Of course, sometimes I am in bed by 9 p.m., but I guess that is one of the prices you pay for getting old.

51. Boogie had her first school concert and dance recital. I’m thinking she won’t be on “So You Think You Can Dance” anytime soon.

52. As some of you may remember, my finger had a run-in with a garage door a few months ago. Well, I finally cut most of the finger nail off cause it was looking all kinds of nasty. It’s looking better now, but I have to make sure to cover my hand when I’m doing a spot on TV. I don’t want that sucker in HD!

53. I can announce that I am indeed coming back to Montevallo for my 10-year college reunion in Feb. It’s crazy to think that it has been 10 years since I graduated. Where has all the time gone?

Anyway, I look forward to seeing some of you when I come out there for College Night!

54. Finally, I feel like I have to mention the Newtown tragedy. As a father, I can’t tell you how especially horrifying the news was to hear. If our children can’t even be safe at school anymore, where can they be?

I think there needs to be more gun restrictions, but a ban of them wouldn’t solve the problem. If people want guns, they are going to buy guns. It is just like drugs.

One thing that must be done, though, is getting extra security in all schools. Bulletproof glass, metal detectors and at least one armed officer needs to be at every school in America. It may seem like a bit overboard, but after this, I think it is necessary.

Let’s keep these 26 innocent children and adults in our thoughts during this holiday season. I know I’m going to hug Boogie and Yeh-Peu-Dah extra hard on Christmas to cherish my time I have with them.

Bear Down and Keep the Faith!


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I used to be a Sports Editor. Now I'm the Media Relations Manager at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.


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  1. It’s true when you upgrade with Verizon!!

    Posted by Jenna Tubbs | December 20, 2012, 2:20 pm

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