Why I’m rooting for Colin Kaepernick

I’ve been wrong about quarterbacks before.

I thought Ryan Leaf, Rex Grossman and JaMarcus Russell were going to be NFL stars. I thought Andy Dalton and Daunte Culpepper were going to be busts.

However, I have never been more wrong about a young quarterback than I was about Colin Kaepernick. And that’s why I’m rooting for him in the Super Bowl on Sunday.

KaepernickingI saw Kaepernick play three times on TV his final two years of college. Each time I came away with the same impression – great runner, seems to have a solid arm, but his accuracy was complete garbage.

You can imagine my surprise then when the 49ers selected him in the second round of the 2011 Draft. While many on draft night were predicting future pro bowls for Kaepernick, I was telling anyone who would listen that it was a wasted pick. I made several tweets that night saying how it would be the worst pick of that draft. If he did ever start for the 49ers, I thought, it would be a short-lived and failed audition.

I still thought that this year when Alex Smith was hurt and Kaepernick was set to make his first start against Chicago. I told Cuddles I had no doubt the Bears were going to win because Kaepernick was complete garbage.


It was only one game, but that night, I realized how dead wrong I was. He threw darts the entire game, showing off his cannon of an arm with deadly accuracy.

Even before he threw for four touchdowns on the road in New England, I had been converted into a Kaepernick believer. By the end of the season, I had completely bought in and had the 49ers winning the NFC. I would have never imagined picking Kaepernick to lead a team to the Super Bowl two months ago.

Kaepernick is currently the favorite to win the Super Bowl MVP (8/5 odds), and I would be putting money on that if I were in Vegas this weekend.

I believe in Colin Kaepernick, and feel like a complete idiot for doubting him.

My Super Bowl prediction: San Francisco 28, Baltimore 27. Kaepernick leads the 49ers down the field in the final three minutes for the game-winning touchdown.

Mad Ramblings

• Here are a few interesting headlines and stories from the past two weeks:

Man’s Boner Freezes From Drunken Sex With A Snowman

Woman, 51, ‘smothers lover to death with her breasts during drunken row in caravan’

(Quick note: Those certainly aren’t a 51-year-old’s titties in the file photo attached to the story!)

This one isn’t a funny headline, but it is officially the worst lede in the history of journalism. I mean, wow…

– And this one from Andy: The Wolf Man in Focus. I can’t really describe it; you just have to see it for yourself.

• And the winner of the worst movie trailer in the world goes to … Empire of the Apes!

• Finally, I finished both seasons of Game of Thrones. Great show. Violence, sex, dragons and zombies – doesn’t get much better than that.

Bear Down and Keep the Faith!

About Joshua Buckley

I used to be a Sports Editor. Now I'm the Media Relations Manager at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.



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