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Such Hot Blood: Another ‘perfect’ album from The Airborne Toxic Event

I’m sure everyone would agree there are only a few albums they consider to be “perfect.”

By “perfect,” I mean that you love all of the songs on the album, playing it in its entirety ever time. I’m talking about original albums, not greatest hits or live editions.

For me, there have been just a handful of albums I considered perfect: These Days (Bon Jovi), American Idiot (Green Day), The Better Life (3 Doors Down), the Black Album (Metallica), and All At Once (The Airborne Toxic Event).

After a great first album and an amazing second album, I wondered if TATE could they could achieve that level again with their third album, Such Hot Blood.

Boy did they ever.

I knew from my first playthrough that this was their best album. I’ve since played it about a dozen times, and I have not skipped any songs. It’s amazing.

“Timeless” and “The Storm,” immediately have made into my top five songs by the band, with “True Love,” “The Fifth Day,” and “Bride and Groom” also showing off what makes the band special – stellar song writing and a unique sound.

TATE lead singer and song writer Mikel Jollett has joked that the first two albums are mostly sad songs about girls. He even made a reference to it in the final track from Such Hot Blood, “Elizabeth” (Yes, I hate the title for obvious reasons, but damn, it is a great song).

She said all your songs are sad songs

Why do you always have to see the worst of it?

Could you write me just one love song?

I said all these songs are love songs

Just love at times can make you feel like shit

So you write a string of words down

It’s better if there’s some truth in it

Those are interesting lyrics to end the album, because unlike their previous two releases, this one features a lot more positive songs about love instead of sad ones. They are fun, well-written, and have a great sound.

Much like their first two albums, I cannot recommend this album enough. Yes, I love the band, but I think I’ve shown with my latest Bon Jovi album review that I call it like I see it.

This is definitely on my small list of “perfect” albums, and I’ll be listening to it for a long, long time.


While I’m writing about TATE, here are my top five songs from the band.

Honorable Mention

• Gasoline – A fun song about teenage sex.

• Numb – After seeing them perform this live, it moved up near the top of this list.

• All For A Woman – A soft song, but a powerful one.

No. 5 (tie): All I Ever Wanted and Timeless

I couldn’t choose between these two…so I didn’t.

“All I Ever Wanted” is a bit of a sad song, focusing on a married couple that has fallen out of love. The tempo of the song and the instrumentals (especially the violin) add a lot of emotion to it.

“Timeless” is the single of TATE’s new album. It’s a fantastic song about how the passing of a family member has helped a man realize that he wants to be with a woman for all of time. While at first you may think it is a song focusing on death, it is actually a great love song.

No. 4: This Losing

Like “All I Ever Wanted,” this is also bit of a sad song about a couple breaking up, but it’s done in an up-tempo way.

This song actually isn’t on any of their albums. I got it sent to me by the band for purchasing their single from their second album, “Changing.”

No. 3: The Storm

This is my favorite song on the new album. It’s about coming home and finding love that has been waiting for you.

No. 2: Sometime Around Midnight

This is the debut single that put TATE on the map; and rightfully so. From the opening violin solo to the emotional vocal finish, it’s such an amazing song.

It’s actually even better when heard live. Just ask David Letterman.

He likes them so much that he invited them to play for his 30th Anniversary show.

No. 1: All At Once

The title track for their second album, All At Once is problem one of my top three songs of all-time. It tells the story about life from birth until death.

The lyrics, the instrumentals, the emotion – all of it is incredible.


Airborne Toxic EventYeh-Peu-Dah and I actually got to meet several of the band members after their concert in Houston last month.

After another amazing concert, we were leaving the House of Blues in downtown Houston to go to our car. Yeh-Peu-Dah semi-joked that we should find the band’s tour bus and wait to see them. At that time, we just so happened to be passing the bus and I noticed something.

“Well there’s the bus,” I said. “And there is some of the band.”

We hurried over and got to meet three members of the group – Noah Harmon (bass), Anna Bulbrook (violin/keyboard) and Steven Chen (guitar). They were super nice and we got our pictures taken with them.

We waited a while for Jollett, but we both had work the next morning, so we had to leave before he came out to the bus. Still, it was a great experience which we both loved!


• Brian Urlacher announced his retirement on Wednesday. As a Bears fan, I’m glad. I didn’t want to see him playing in another uniform this year. That would have sucked.

So is Urlacher a Hall of Famer? 100-percent yes.

Is he a first-ballot HOFer? Yes.

Will he make it first ballot? I’m not so sure because Ray Lewis is on the same ballot. I hope they both go in together, but I wouldn’t be shocked if only one gets in on the first try.

ESPN laid off a bunch of employees on Tuesday, with many saying it was due to profit margins not being high enough. Disney makes BILLIONS in profit every year, but the profit margins aren’t high enough? Give me a break!

• Houston is finally getting a shuttle! Too bad it is the Galileo Shuttlecraft from Star Trek and not one of the NASA space shuttles.

• Speaking of Star Trek, I really enjoyed Into Darkness. I can see how the hardcore Star Trek fans would have issues, but if you look at it as a summer action sci-fi movie, it is highly entertaining.

I can’t post too much more about the movie since J.J. Abrams added several surprises. I can say in general, I approved of the storyline.

• If you loved Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars Episode VII filibuster for Parks & Rec, then you have to watch the animated version of it.

• Please, whatever you do, don’t start playing Candy Crush. I’m telling you this for your own sanity. It will consume you. DON’T DO IT!

• Finally, in perhaps the best news of the year, Mike Tyson is going to get his own animated show! On Adult Swim!

The show centers around Iron Mike, his magical tattoo and a talking pigeon as they team up to solve mysteries.


Bear Down and Keep the Faith!


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