Horrible Predictions: College Football ’15


Look, everyone knows the deal at this point. I make predictions. They turn out horribly wrong.

Rinse. Repeat.

Last year, I predicted just one conference winner (FSU) and two playoff teams (FSU, Bama) correctly. I had Bama beating Oklahoma for the title. Ugh.

So here they are – my 2015 horrible college football predictions.

SEC: Auburn over Missouri
Auburn will lose at LSU, but a close victory over Alabama gives it the West. As for Missouri, have you seen its cupcake schedule?

Big Ten: Michigan State over Wisconsin
Ohio State ain’t going undefeated folks. In fact, don’t be surprised if the Buckeyes lose two games (Michigan State and either Penn State or Michigan).

Big 12: TCU
A ton of starters are back for a Horned Frogs, making them extremely dangerous. At Oklahoma late may be the only thing standing between TCU and an undefeated regular season.

PAC 12: Arizona State over Oregon
USC is majorly overrated. So is UCLA. Oregon is Oregon. This will be a fun shootout for a spot in the playoffs.

ACC: Clemson over Virginia Tech
Florida State is losing at least twice. Clemson will win the conference, but some screw-up loss during the season will leave it on the outside of the playoff.

Heisman: Trevone Boykin, QB, TCU
Big numbers and an undefeated regular season will give Boykin a runaway victory for the Heisman.

TCU (1), Arizona State (2), Auburn (3), Michigan State (4)
Alabama just misses the playoff due to late big wins by ASU and MSU.

Semifinal: Michigan State over TCU
If the Spartans can shut down Ohio State, why couldn’t they do the same against TCU?

Semifinal: Auburn over Arizona State
While offense will be the story going into the game, Auburn’s defense will be the difference.

National Championship: Auburn over Michigan State

Then again, these are horrible predictions that are bound to go wrong. With that in mind, enjoy the championship this year Auburn!!!

Mad Ramblings
I still need answers to my John Hancock vs. John Henry questions!

Join my fantasy movie group. The site is for movie buffs who enjoy predicting box offices numbers. Group name is Michael Bolton is a Cinephile. Password is iheartnetflix.

• Speaking of movies, I finally saw “Birdman.” Totally deserving of best director and cinematography. But no way was that the best movie of the year. “American Sniper” and “Gone Girl” were far superior. Heck, I even enjoyed “John Wick” a lot better than Birdman.

• Award season is still a far ways out, but “Inside Out” could very well win Best Picture.

• “Fear the Walking Dead” has started out a little slow, but I’ve enjoyed the show thus far. It’s starting to do a good job of capturing the panic of the public with the start of the zombie apocalypse.

• Bon Jovi released a new album…without Richie Sambora. My Bon Jovi strike continues. Fix this Jon and Richie!

• I’m not going to talk about baseball yet. I don’t want to jinx this.

• Preview for my upcoming NFL horrible predictions – I don’t have Chicago winning the Super Bowl. In fact, I have the Bears finishing last in the NFC North. 😦

• Is summer over yet? I’m tired of sweating through my clothes in 10 seconds outside.

• Finally, with my new job at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center in Houston, I am debuting a new tag line for my blog.

#CommitForLife … and Roll Tide!


About Joshua Buckley

I used to be a Sports Editor. Now I'm the Media Relations Manager at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.


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