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Such Hot Blood: Another ‘perfect’ album from The Airborne Toxic Event

I’m sure everyone would agree there are only a few albums they consider to be “perfect.” By “perfect,” I mean that you love all of the songs on the album, playing it in its entirety ever time. I’m talking about original albums, not greatest hits or live editions. For me, there have been just a … Continue reading

What About Now: Did Bon Jovi’s new album lead to band-ending feud?

I’ve made it clear that Bon Jovi is my all-time favorite band. That will never change, mainly because their songs have meant a lot personally to me over the years. But with their new disappointing album, and the sudden departure of Richie Sambora from the band, Bon Jovi is in some serious trouble.

Mad Ramblings: Breaking Bad edition

So I could sit here and lie, telling you I haven’t blogged in two months because I’m super busy at work or I just don’t have time with my long commute and schedule. Those wouldn’t be lies, but they aren’t the real reason, either. The truth is, I have spent much of the last two … Continue reading

Top Five: XM Radio choices on my long commute

Taking the job at Moody Gardens, I knew there would be a long commute. It’s 65 miles one-way, and while mostly freeways, it still can get backed up because, well, it’s Houston. So how do I survive a nearly three-hour roundtrip commute to the island? XM Radio.

Mad Ramblings: A ‘Golden’ Edition

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a Mad Ramblings column, and I’ve compiled plenty of thoughts since the last version. In honor of the U.S. Olympic team, I am offering up 46 mad ramblings, which equals the amount of gold medals they won in London.


A lot of times, an anticipated blockbuster movie has no chance to live up to the hype. The Avengers is not one of those movies.

YouTube Fun: Drunk singing, poopy pants and the Governator

It’s Friday, so what better to get you through the final hours of the work week than some funny YouTube videos. I’ve collected these videos over the past week. Hopefully you will find them as enjoyable as I did.

Top Five: Walking Dead S2 moments

If you enjoy “The Walking Dead” on AMC as much as I do, then this is a blog post for you. If you haven’t seen the show, just go ahead and skip this.

Top Five: Superhero movies

It is shaping up to be another big summer of superhero movies. It starts today with Ghost Rider 2, then continues with the Avengers, Dark Knight Rising and the Amazing Spiderman. That got me thinking — what are my favorite superhero movies of all time?

Mad Ramblings: Super thoughts and Peyton’s revenge

It’s been nice to be back to work, but a crazy schedule has resulted in this blog being on the backburner for a few weeks. You know what it means when I return from a blog hiatus, though — Mad Ramblings.