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Horrible Predictions: NFL ’15

Last year I had Denver beating New Orleans in my NFL predictions. Better than the Houston-Chicago Super Bowl prediction in 2014, but not by much. I don’t even know why I bother, but here are my NFL picks for this year. Feel free to laugh come the end of the season. NFC Predictions NFC East … Continue reading

The great mystery between a ‘John Hancock’ and a ‘John Henry’

I was surprised to discovery that “John Henry” is an acceptable alternative for “John Hancock” when asking for one’s signature. The big mystery, though, is why and when did this change occur? Continue reading

Why does the national sports media hate Houston?

I knew it was coming as soon as the Dwight Howard chase officially got under way on July 1. It was the most predictable thing about the NBA offseason. The bashing of Houston by the national sports media.

How Twitter secured its future during Boston Manhunt

Over the past year, I’ve had several discussions about the staying power of social media outlets, particularly Facebook and Twitter. I always felt like it was impossible to predict their future, considering there has been nothing in the past to provide a basis for a forecast of social media. However, after Friday’s riveting manhunt for … Continue reading

Real men wear pink – except around 4-year-olds

I’m constantly reminded that I need to watch what I say around my little Boogie. She’s a smart little one, and isn’t afraid to use any new info her sponge brain absorbs. Case in point: Last month, I got a new phone for my birthday and took her to Best Buy to help me pick … Continue reading

Fun with a ‘robbery victim’

It seems silly in today’s day and age that people would fall for internet scams. But then the Manti Te’o situation happened, and it became clear that there are some idiotic and naïve people in the world. I guess that is why scammers continue to send those ridiculous emails asking for money to be wired … Continue reading

The PR Career: An Unexpected Journey

If you had told me two years ago that I would be sitting in a window office waiting on what can best be described as “Panda Watch,” I probably would have laughed. Yet this is where I find myself exactly two years from the day I was laid off from the Galveston County Daily News. … Continue reading

Mad Ramblings: Breaking Bad edition

So I could sit here and lie, telling you I haven’t blogged in two months because I’m super busy at work or I just don’t have time with my long commute and schedule. Those wouldn’t be lies, but they aren’t the real reason, either. The truth is, I have spent much of the last two … Continue reading

Roll Tide Roll – Cosa Nostra: Dallas

The annual Cosa Nosta trip with my bros was another success.

The start of a new adventure

Every morning, before I get out of bed, I always check Twitter and email. Usually my email has nothing interesting. It was not the case on this day in early June.