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Such Hot Blood: Another ‘perfect’ album from The Airborne Toxic Event

I’m sure everyone would agree there are only a few albums they consider to be “perfect.” By “perfect,” I mean that you love all of the songs on the album, playing it in its entirety ever time. I’m talking about original albums, not greatest hits or live editions. For me, there have been just a … Continue reading

Top Five: XM Radio choices on my long commute

Taking the job at Moody Gardens, I knew there would be a long commute. It’s 65 miles one-way, and while mostly freeways, it still can get backed up because, well, it’s Houston. So how do I survive a nearly three-hour roundtrip commute to the island? XM Radio.

Looking for vampires, porn addicts and circus performers

Being from a newspaper background, I’m still learning about the duties of my new job at Moody Gardens. While in the past, I was the one being pitched stories by people, now I am doing the pitching. As it turns out, a tool PR people use on occasion to find media members to pitch stories … Continue reading

Top Five: Walking Dead S2 moments

If you enjoy “The Walking Dead” on AMC as much as I do, then this is a blog post for you. If you haven’t seen the show, just go ahead and skip this.

Top Five: Superhero movies

It is shaping up to be another big summer of superhero movies. It starts today with Ghost Rider 2, then continues with the Avengers, Dark Knight Rising and the Amazing Spiderman. That got me thinking — what are my favorite superhero movies of all time?

Top Five: Things to be thankful for in 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends and readers! I know I have plenty to be thankful for, so I figured this would be a good time to have another Top 5. So what am I thankful for in 2011? Here’s the list.

Top Five: TV Shows

With a mini-marathon this week, I was able to complete watching Season 1 of Farscape on Tuesday night. Making it through the first season, I was inspired to write a new Top 5 blog — favorite TV shows. Keep in mind, my TV watching has declined over the years, mainly because I worked nights and … Continue reading

Top Five: Basketball Games (Attended)

I debuted the “Top Five” post a few weeks ago with my top five Bon Jovi songs. This week, I’m going with the theme of the month by listing my top five basketball games. These are all games that I attended in person, not just watched on TV. Also, I’m only including college and pro … Continue reading

Top Five: Bon Jovi Songs

I decided I am going to start a new weekly feature on the blog, where I list my top five of something. Top five movies, sports events I have covered, video games and more. I decided to start this series off with my top five Bon Jovi songs. The reason I picked this theme is … Continue reading