Random facts

• I have a beautiful three-year-old daughter, Boogie. She is my best friend. We love to play at the park, play catch, and our favorite, go to Moody Gardens. She also loves sitting with me and watching football or soccer.

• I have an amazing girlfriend, Yeh-Peu-Dah. After several failed attempts at love, I feel like I have finally found the perfect woman for me.

• I am a PR Coordinator at Moody Gardens, one of the premiere tourist destinations on the Gulf Coast. I get to travel on media tours, hang out with penguins and work in a fun office environment. It’s a bit of a transition, but I absolutely love me job.

• Originally, I moved to Texas from Alabama seven years ago for my career as a sports writer. I don’t like to brag, but…I’ve won numerous national and state writing awards throughout my eight-year career.

• After a bumpy road that included a year of unemployment and anticipating a round of layoffs at a second company, I made the decision to move out of the newspaper business. I don’t regret it and enjoy me new job at Moody Gardens!

• I still do some freelance writing jobs and am part of the CMC Communications radio broadcast team. You can hear me every football Friday night with Charlie Mc and Coach Eddie Biles on SportsTalk 790 AM.

• In my career, I’ve interviewed Landon Donovan, Dana White, Shaun Alexander, Vince Young, and all the Houston Astros, among others.

• I’ve seen every episode of Yo Gabba Gabba at least 30 times. I have all the songs memorized. I don’t really think that’s something I should brag about.

• I lived in a dry county for two years. To get around that little dilemma, I learned to brew my own beer. Sometimes the results are still mixed…

• I refuse to eat Asian food with anything other than chopsticks. This impressed Yeh-Peu-Dah on our first date.

• My hero growing up was MacGyver.

• I’m a founding member of Cosa Nostra. And yes, we drink heavily and play Risk till 3 a.m. at our annual summits.

• My sports career peaked in the third grade, when I won a state championship in bowling and held a black belt in karate. It’s been all downhill since then, save for a flag football championship in college (Ten tackles in the title game with a dislocated shoulder…but I’m sure you’ve already heard about that incredible performance)

• I’ve been told that I look like Harry Potter, but I make love like a pimp. I guess that’s a good thing…

• I’m extremely superstitious, especially when I’m at a craps table in Vegas or watching my Chicago Bears or Cubs play. Seriously, don’t even ask if you can wear my lucky Bears shirt on Sunday.

• When my Cubs win the World Series, I’ll finally be able to die in peace.



One thought on “Random facts

  1. Big Josh I wanted to say that I really enjoy your blogspot here — and am looking forward to be updated reguarly from the best local and in time national news // sports – writer ever. Your constant sense of humour about yourself in harrowing situations — all of which you describe here — combined with your ability to keep on keeping on — with goodwill to all — is UNREAL. And amazing. God Blesses people like that — and He will Bless you too similarly. When I start basketball in a week or two, I would be honored to have you work with us a bit if you can on Tuesdays or Fridays — perhaps I can help a little for just a bit anyway. See you soon from CMC

    Posted by CMC | January 5, 2011, 8:43 pm

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