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I’m still an NFL Draft nerd at heart

I’m still an NFL Draft nerd at heart

While I may not have my own NFL Draft website any more, this is still one of my favorite days of the year. Continue reading



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I came into work today and found an awesome surprise - my first ever Boss's Day gift. I has honored just to be given something. But a Kris Bryant bobblehead - that is incredible! Thanks Tammie! When you are needing some good luck attire for the game, sometimes you have to go old school. #CubsWinCubsWin #FlyTheW #TryNotToSuck Boogie is enjoying a visit from Grandpa John during the Cubs game. Meanwhile in Bristol... #NiceAppESPN Met up with my social media BFF. #BrothersFromAnotherMother Another wreck on 290 has traffic at a standstill. For the live of God, learn to drive people! 😭😭😭