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I’m still an NFL Draft nerd at heart

I’m still an NFL Draft nerd at heart

While I may not have my own NFL Draft website any more, this is still one of my favorite days of the year. Continue reading




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Friendly message from the postman that was left on my door. #YouveGotMail #RollTide Great scene at Concord Bridge - free BBQ and supply dropoff for a neighborhood flooded during the storm. #HoustonStrong #RollTide Proof that we have been surviving the storm. #Harvey #BeerMe Mandatory #Houston sunshine photo. Great to see after the past four days. This is the retention pond behind our neighborhood which is protecting our homes from being flooded. Earlier this week it was empty. Now there is more than 10-feet of water in it. It actually went down a bit this afternoon when we got a slight break from the rain. It can still hold another 12 or so feet before it goes over its bank. Hopefully it can hang in there the next few days.