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I used to be a Sports Editor. Now I'm the Media Relations Manager at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.
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I’m still an NFL Draft nerd at heart

While I may not have my own NFL Draft website any more, this is still one of my favorite days of the year. Continue reading


How did the Cubs get this good this fast?

Heading into the season, I knew the Chicago Cubs were going to be one of the most improved teams in baseball. With an influx in young talent like Kris Bryant and Addison Russell coming to Wrigley, they had to improve on their 73-win season in 2014. However, I never would have predicted the success the … Continue reading

Horrible Predictions: NFL ’15

Last year I had Denver beating New Orleans in my NFL predictions. Better than the Houston-Chicago Super Bowl prediction in 2014, but not by much. I don’t even know why I bother, but here are my NFL picks for this year. Feel free to laugh come the end of the season. NFC Predictions NFC East … Continue reading

Horrible Predictions: College Football ’15

Look, everyone knows the deal at this point. I make predictions. They turn out horribly wrong.

The great mystery between a ‘John Hancock’ and a ‘John Henry’

I was surprised to discovery that “John Henry” is an acceptable alternative for “John Hancock” when asking for one’s signature. The big mystery, though, is why and when did this change occur? Continue reading

Value vs. Need will shape top of NFL Draft

We all know that mock drafts are horribly inaccurate. Even experts that do them admit as much. They are still fun, though. With that said, here is my mock draft for Thursday’s first round. Continue reading

Does Tommy John surgery end Hall of Fame chances?

With how common Tommy John surgery has become, how can John Smoltz say he will be the last to be a HOF that has the procedure? Then I looked at the list of players. What I saw, at least among those that have already had the surgery, is that he may be right. Continue reading

Upcoming moves crucial to fixing Chicago mess

Like every Chicago Bears fan, I was done with the Marc Trestman era.

Horrible Predictions: NFL ’14

I joke that these are horrible predictions, but man, my NFL prognostications last year were beyond laughable. Last year, I had Houston beating the New York Giants in the Super Bowl. Those two went a combined 9-23 and weren’t even close to the playoffs.

Horrible Predictions: College Football ’14

Every year, I try and predict the college football season. Every year, I fail miserably.